The Story of a Boy, Dad and Doctor

Daddy, my tummy hurts.’ squirmed the boy.

It’ll go away. Don’t be a girl now.‘ Dad ends the conversation by handing a pack of pil-chi-kit-teck-aun.

A few years passed, the boy spent his teenage years in a boarding school. He played rugby, winning every game he’s ever been to. He was a star but fragile at some point.

Hello dad,..‘ the boy excitedly called home for a victory lap and to inform dad of his injury.

You need cash?‘ as usual, not knowing how to pat his son’s back, the dad asked.

No. I need to see a doctor, I think I tore my muscle after winning the tournie,‘ whilst tangling the metal phone-booth cord, the boy complained.

Slap on some Yoko-yoko, it’ll be fine, I didn’t raise a girl, so toughen up!‘ dad hung up, assuming the conversation is over. He didn’t know the boy had been sleeping in a seating position for a week now. All that the boy has was Ponstan (pain killer pills) to get through the night.

Fast forward 30 years later. The boy became a man, had his own family and busy.

*Dad calling…* displays on his everything-enabled PDA phone.

Hi son, my chest hurts. Can you take me to a hospital’, whilst in bed, dad called.

Oh dad, don’t be a girl now. Toughen up! I was raised by a man, am I right?‘ he gave dad the same line he got when he was in pain.

Two weeks later, dad passed away. Dad wasn’t a smoker, diabetic nor was he a cancer patient. He only had air bubbles trapped in his lungs.

The man cried and grieved over the death of his father,’I should’ve taken dad to hospital for such a simple procedure.

Moral of the story, I believe you fruitful readers could leave in the commenting area.

ps: Writing this made me miss the Old NH.

pss: This is a fictional story, but could happen if you’re the Dad in this story.

psss: Can air bubbles cause death? I’m no Dr. House, I just made that up.

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  1. kalau sakit pergi la klinik. asyik telan nurofen je. degil sungguh 😛

  2. “Can air bubbles cause death?”
    mungkin juga boleh. arteri tersumbat? pun boleh juga kan? pelbagai hal boleh jadi sebab kalau nak terjadi.

    BTW kenapa that boy asyik informed dad dia je, mana mum dia? kalau mum dia ada mungkin boleh bagi advise lebih sket, tak de la asyik nak marah je.

  3. let’s just say, die anak yatim, ade bapak sahaje.

    aku igt nak related chest pain dgn air bubbles. Probably air bubbles trapped kat dlm lungs, sbb lung puncture? Hrmm.. aku pon dah igt natang ni.

  4. err.. it has nothing to do with the story..

  5. hmmm so, as a fruitful reader, aku sajest supaya kita sentiasa mengambil berat tentang kesihatan kita dan ahli keluarga. don’t undersestimate the power of a little pain. haha. betul ke dok ntah. tapi tulah, mencegah lebih baik dari merawat.


  6. pil-chi-kit-teck-aun, memang berguna untuk sakit perut! :up:

    Moral of the story:

    “Nothing is more costly, nothing is more sterile, than vengeance”

    “Vengeance taken will often tear the heart and torment the conscience.”

  7. ohh. 🙄 fine.

  8. Well, they say health is wealth!

    But this post struck a chord in me. Been neglecting my mom’s health too lately. Especially as she doesn’t complain much.

    Thanx for giving me that jolt of responsibility!

  9. Lim Goh Tong asked his doctor,’can you change my organs so I can live longer? I’ll give you any amount you require.’

    Lim Goh Tong died at the age of 90(plus).

    Money can’t buy you health, but health can get you money.

  10. ko sume vengence related, mmg flaccid mind.

    (tp this story is about vengence pon)

  11. so i am right lah on the moral of the story 😛

  12. kesian sungguh kalo mamat 2 ank yatim..
    xdpt bygkn kalo mak aku xda..
    anyway, bpk aku lebih kurg je mcm bapak yg ko cite eddie..
    kdg2 kecewa gak.. 😳
    tp it’s ok i have my mom.. 😀

  13. oleh sebabkan my dad yg selalu neglect ank2 , so masa dia sakit xda sape pun nak amik peduli..
    i think he deserve it..
    ugh jahatnye..
    but if my mom sakit sume akan sibuk2 je tau..
    maybe balasan untk my dad kot?

  14. there’s a lot actually, but you got the main point.

    usually it’s ‘patience is essence’, but time has changed, it evolves to ‘vengeance is essence’. Hahaha.

  15. at some point, our fathers are like that. Let’s just hope the guy you marry won’t be this type of father.

  16. although tade niat pon nak neglect, tp this kind of thing happens naturally.

    it’s always the case of ‘ko tak pedulikan aku, aku tak pedulikan kau.’

  17. 1. air bubbles takleh dicegah (kot). Usually sbb accident.

    2. back muscle budak tu terkoyak mase die jatuh main rugby, no way sports injury bole dicegah. In fact, main ping pong pernah ade orang patah jari.

    3. kalau kite amek kesah kt orang lain, tp orang lain tak amek kesah kt kite, tak ke sedih tu? Tp ok la, at least ade hati yg baik.

    4. mencegah lebih baik dari merawat, ini marketing utk jimat cost gov utk kesihatan. kalau genetic nye penyakit mane leh cegah. tp at some point betul la jugak.

  18. masa saya kecik, kalau sakit.. ngadu kat abah, dia bawak pegi doktor. takde la dia cakap anak manja ke ape.

    bila dah besar, kalau sakit kena cari doktor sendiri. sebab dah tak boleh mengadu.

    at least the boy boleh call his dad untuk mengadu walaupun tak dilayan. sangat jeles. 🙄

  19. pil-chi-kit-teck-aun.. hahah. okay i mengaku i suka this ubat.. sangat mujarab and senang ditelan. :up:

  20. moral of the story, small thing does matter although it may sounds remeh to you. and try to be a lil bit more concern towards things that we thought as “nothing”…

    p.s: this is how i interpret this story la.

  21. cus things that you thought as “nothing” probably means “something” to other people..

    okey sekian terima kasih

  22. good story :up: 🙂
    the moral of the story is : dont take things for granted.kadang² bende kecil ni in the future leh jadi something important.pernah terjadi kat know 🙁

  23. Jahat?i dont know about that.40-60.
    1) 40%part of me says,he’s a father.neglect dia masa dia sakit,xbaik la.macam balas dendam la plak.
    2)another 60%part of me;patut buat macam 2,mungkin nak bagi sign yang cuba ambil kisah pasal anak².just my opinion je.jangan ambil hati.

  24. Please don’t take it easy on your children pain. It may be serious that you thought. Don’t wait until it is too late. ➡

  25. oh tidak sama skali nk amik ati.. 🙂

  26. let me tell you why my father deserved what i’ve said b4..
    this is just one example..
    i’m not trying to bad mouth my father, but just telling you y he deserved it.
    on my bro wedding,masa my bro akad nikah, my father tidak mengattendkan diri dgn alasan dia sibuk dgn keje..
    and adik my dad yg jadi saksi. dia hanya smpai waktu mkn2 je.. adakah itu patut tuan2?
    fyi, my mom and dad still suami isteri..

  27. Salam NH,

    tu kes yg slalu berlaku baik dulu maupon skrg. Ayah n mak saya pon cam cerita tu gak dulu omputih panggil not sensitive towards feeling..dulu la. .tp tu menyebabkan saya jadik taf cam skrg, maybe diorg jadik camtu sbb background dulu2 yg berbeza kot ngan kite zaman skrg

  28. bile dah besar, abah die pergi jugak.

  29. ubat tu ade aroma, but when I makan, sure muntah. Lepas muntah, everything feel ok. At least it worked 😉

  30. Partially true. but I’ll take it.

  31. true, but that’s not the whole point. I’ll probably write the moral of the story soon.

  32. oh. bukan family man nye type.

  33. mungkin la, tp tak patut ayah abaikan rintihan anak nye itu. die saket, mengerang, ade ke patut ayah die abaikan die?

  34. what the….? 😯 kerja lagi penting dari pernikahan anak sendiri?my ‘60%’ just increased 😡 your mum must be a very tough woman

  35. m..tau xpe..kitaorg ank2 yang tgk perangai dia mkn ati je..
    my mom lg la.kdg2 sian kat my mom, dia yg jd bapa..
    sume my dad, lepas tgn.. 😳

  36. and maybe org akan ckp yg maybe my dad sibuk cr duit cos nk bg ank2 senang, guess what my mom pun keje gak..
    sume duit belanja sy mama yg bagi..
    tah simpan duit nk bw g kubur x..
    i’m sorry if u think i’m rude but that’s wht i think.

  37. sibuk sibuk gak tapi sampai xattend nikah anak sendiri,thats too much for me.thats a very lame reason (sorry to say) untuk xattend majlis nikah anak sendiri.hang in there callister,be strong 🙂

  38. The moral of the story is : Even the toughest man can’t avoid death.

  39. yeah, i miss the OLD NH too. hahahaha

    moral of the story? i’m a woman of questionable morals. hahaha ➡ not appropriate for giving opinion on this matter.

    all i’d say, many people grew up and became a ‘cold’ person (me included), because of how they’ve been treated when they’re younger. so please, don’t be that kind of parents. 😮

  40. mak aih, suka ngan ubat tu? bau nya aje dah tak tahan, apa tah lagi mak saya cakap kena telan satu botol tu.. waaa saya sanggup demam dari makan ubat tu.

    but then betul apa kata eddie, makan sebab nak muntah dan pastu feeling ok, ok la. mmg mujarab.. hahaha

  41. Kadang tu saya selalu tanya emak saya, emak ok ke? sihat ke? emak saya cuma cakap, emak tak apa² sihat je. tapi kita tau emak kadang² tak sihat. kalau boleh emak saya taknak bagi anak² nya susah sebab dia, tapi kita sebagai anak selalu susahkan emak kita kan? 😥

  42. Err saya pernah tak datang majlis perkahwinan kakak saya. padahal majlis tu dibuat kat rumah saya. saya balik asrama dgn alasan saya ada kelas tambahan (mmg masa tu ada kelas tambahan masa cuti akhir tahun form 4 naik form 5), sebab saya sangat benci pada bakal suami dia (yg smp skang sy tak pernah address dia sbg abg ipar saya).

    full stop.

  43. Honestly masa baca perenggan kat bawah ni, i really thought that the boy refered to you eddie.

    ‘It’ll go away. Don’t be a girl now.‘ Dad ends the conversation by handing a pack of pil-chi-kit-teck-aun. == remember that u wrote ur dad pernah slapped/pinched (i’m not sure) bila u jatuh. remember?

    “A few years passed, the boy spent his teenage years in a boarding school. He played rugby, winning every game he’s ever been to. He was a star but fragile at some point.” == you know, boarding school, rugby..

    “star but fragile at some point” == who doesn’t right?

  44. tau xpe..lame sungguh alasan dia..
    and thx u’s ok cos i have my mom..
    she’s cool.. 😆
    and itu bukan kali pertama dia neglect ank2, dah xlarat mkn ati kitaorg ni dibuatnye. 😮
    bukan ank2 je dia neglect tp dgn mak bpk dia pun dia neglect, so as his child yg tgk perangai dia, kalo dia leh neglect his parents, nape i cant neglect him?
    ms my tok wan meninggal, dia blh sibuk2 keje, then dah ptg baru nk blik kg. that time arwah dah tanam pun and dia rileks je xdpt tatap wajah ayah dia untk kali terakhir.. 😮 memg xlogik perangai dia..
    but guess what dia adalah ank kesayangan my tok wan and my tok nek..maybe terlebih manja kot..

  45. t.a.t.a – i’m sure u have a very good reasons to hate ur abg ipar..right?
    i dun wanna know why u hate him but bile kite dah benci someone ape pun kite leh wat..

  46. “Death is necessary”

  47. a little bit from my past doesnt hurt.. ade la skit je.

  48. moral of the story?

    er… hm…kalau org tua ckp dia tgh sakit, maknanya, dia mmg betul2 sakit?

    well, I guess the morals are already mentioned in the comments above. oh well. 😛

    mana vid joget kamuuuuu? hahaha.

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