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The Story of a Boy, Dad and Doctor

Daddy, my tummy hurts.’ squirmed the boy.

It’ll go away. Don’t be a girl now.‘ Dad ends the conversation by handing a pack of pil-chi-kit-teck-aun.

A few years passed, the boy spent his teenage years in a boarding school. He played rugby, winning every game he’s ever been to. He was a star but fragile at some point.

Hello dad,..‘ the boy excitedly called home for a victory lap and to inform dad of his injury.

You need cash?‘ as usual, not knowing how to pat his son’s back, the dad asked.

No. I need to see a doctor, I think I tore my muscle after winning the tournie,‘ whilst tangling the metal phone-booth cord, the boy complained.

Slap on some Yoko-yoko, it’ll be fine, I didn’t raise a girl, so toughen up!‘ dad hung up, assuming the conversation is over. He didn’t know the boy had been sleeping in a seating position for a week now. All that the boy has was Ponstan (pain killer pills) to get through the night.

Fast forward 30 years later. The boy became a man, had his own family and busy.

*Dad calling…* displays on his everything-enabled PDA phone.

Hi son, my chest hurts. Can you take me to a hospital’, whilst in bed, dad called.

Oh dad, don’t be a girl now. Toughen up! I was raised by a man, am I right?‘ he gave dad the same line he got when he was in pain.

Two weeks later, dad passed away. Dad wasn’t a smoker, diabetic nor was he a cancer patient. He only had air bubbles trapped in his lungs.

The man cried and grieved over the death of his father,’I should’ve taken dad to hospital for such a simple procedure.

Moral of the story, I believe you fruitful readers could leave in the commenting area.

ps: Writing this made me miss the Old NH.

pss: This is a fictional story, but could happen if you’re the Dad in this story.

psss: Can air bubbles cause death? I’m no Dr. House, I just made that up.

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55 replies on “The Story of a Boy, Dad and Doctor”

My moral of the story:
Chest pain should NEVER be taken lightly.
But then again, any pain (eg: tummy pain, muscle tear) shouldn’t be taken lightly for fear of any unknown underlying illness.

And air bubbles apparently can cause death (air embolism), provided there is a significant amount of air inserted. Kesian pulak pakcik ni. Heh.

my father is like that. i got scolded juz bcoz i told him pmr history paper was a bit tough. he yelled. hum.. 🙁
i dun even screwed up for that paper. it just him..
sumtimes, crying can b the best treatment.
but then, i’ve become ‘someone’ bcoz of him.. 🙂

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