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The Real Gentleman, Datuk Seri Dr Chua.

dr chua soi lek

Let us be with this man of honour during this trying moment for him. We should even pray that he and his family recover from this painful episode quickly.

I was told once by my father that you should not kick a man when he is down. Let’s commend him for his quick decision instead of prolonging the issue by denying and trying to blame the rest of the world.

And his honesty should put many many people to shame. He has shamed the devil, let us hope this is the advent of a new political culture in Malaysia.

I couldn’t agree more. He is a real gentleman but he has got to go, no one will have faith in him after a ‘Paris Hilton’ scene. I was told by someone (very close to Dr Chua) from MoH, he tendered his resignation before the local newspaper announcement. The case happened somewhat 2 years ago (really?). He has already anticipated his stepping down.

Questions from others, Answers based on my opinion & Word of Mouth.

His wife and families are backing him, why? – He is sexually active. I reckon his wife has reached menopause thus condone him for such adultery.

Stepping down, why? – He knows no one will have faith in him anymore, so it’s best for him to step down.

Why isn’t he denying it? – He needs a quick exit to retirement. Ministry of Health = Ministry of Hell, it’s a pain-in-ass job.

Is he involved in under table deals? – No idea, but he is already rich (his own private practice, sold in 1990 to venture politics) and his kids are doctors.

How is he in person? – Humble and low profile. (I have conversed with him before, he did laugh at my silly jokes)

Why do you protect him? – His wife and families are ok with it plus he admits his mistake and resigned from every positioned held, is that not enough? Besides he is being openly honest and that’s very cool! Any other Minister would like to do the same thing?

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ps: Dr Chua is a good example of NoktahHitam, struggling to escape darker days. All the best Datuk Seri.

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Yup. sayang sekali, he was a great health minister.

i did hear a rumor that he will be charged in court due to his sudden resignation. lets just hope its just rumours je.

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