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The Proposal

Finally, the thing that all this while I see in the movies.

In a fancy restaurant, not so bright, not so dark and the ambiance screams fine dining. Ignoring the crowds, the guy gets down on his knee, focused on what he rehearsed every night since a month ago. As he gather his guts, he slips his hand into his pocket and pulled out a red box. Everything was as perfect as he’d imagined.

Slowly, he opened the box.

Sparkles fled and filled the air, lights came dashing out piercing through the walls, luminating every dark corners of the restaurant. The linearity of time stops as all eyes focused on the ‘star’. He presented to her, a token of love, a band that’ll hold them together, today and so forth, a ring.

She looked at him and then the ring, alternating the two, speechless and awed.

He took one final deep breath, thinking it for the very last time. Flashing through every memory he had about any girl, including the posters on his wall and all the Bond girls he liked. He questioned himself, will he be a good husband and father? Can he cater all her needs and necessities? Will he offer her a solitary comfort and safety? Ultimately, through thick and thin of life?

He realized, he’s been asking himself those questions a long time ago. The answer lies within the beautiful person properly seated in front of him. The one that everyone calls “the One”. He blinked, making sure it’s not a dream. He asked what he wanted to ask. He couldn’t have done it any better.

As tears build up, she held his hand. Softly, she replied.

* * * *

So what did he asked and what did she replied? Leave a comment!

ps: We got our wedding ring last Saturday! Wohoo!

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

15 replies on “The Proposal”

walaweii… rementik giler proposal nko eh.. haha.. aku dulu selambe badak propose kat mekD. Lagi selamber kat mekD Mid Valley.. sebelum kami tengok wayang.. tarus dia jadi gelabah nak tengok wayang dengan aku muahahaha…. tapi xtadek la pegang tangan kan.. opkos.. tadek chance. +_+ *matila*

That is so freaking sweet okay ! Oh my god , btw congrats . I’ve been reading your story since last year , and this post make me want to leave a comment . This post make me say aww all the time .

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