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The Pig Project and Khir Toyo

It seems this topic gets rather unusual response over at, Khir Toyo’s Blog and printed medias.

All in all, it’s best for the NATURE and the people.

On other note, Khir Toyo explained, that he is performing his umrah (09/04/08 – 18/04/08). But he did update his blog on 10th, 11th and 12th. Is this is a trickery or the Arabs have good internet connection?

ps: Dr Khir, please be settle your umrah first, then come back and sort out this head ache of yours

pss: RM100mil for pig project or RM100mil for a space tourist, which is better?

NH’s quote: Good that you (Khir Toyo) seek forgiveness from the Al-Mighty. What about forgiveness from the rakyat?

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91% read your blog without commenting? wow, that’s too bad.. me raser blog ko menarik tp citer dalam too much politikus.. ahaks dont mare bro.. keep it up – if thats make u happy.. cheers!

en_me’s last blog post..interior decorator

this is sure to invite lot of comments, especially your pss 😛 of course 100 mil for pigs is better than 100 mil for space tourist. economic reason. malaysians gain nothing from the space program other than hoo haa hoo haa. what is the real benefits? to spur interests among students? 100 mil?? please lah.

the real issue associated with pig farming is ‘cleanliness’. i do not see other issues. muslims not comfortable with pig project? like you said, this country not only belong to muslims. non muslims should be more sensitive on the pig issue? well, it works both ways. we don’t see hindus protesting during Aidil Adha 🙂

government owned medias are not telling the truth, merely propaganda. after approving this 100 mil pig project, there will no more permit issued for pig farming. all the current pig farms will be relocated to a centralized area where control and management works will be easier. this will reduce the pollution often associated with the pig farming, and make it easier for the new government to monitor. did the media talk about this? what are the benefits or just focusing on the attacks by khir toyo and gang?

khir toyo, if anything we must talk about, it is about your incompetence and inability to control and monitor the pig farming scattered around selangor when you was in office.

at least dap, pkr and pas is much more transparent in their approach compared to BN 🙂

at least dap, pkr and pas is much more transparent in their approach compared to BN<< Agreed Whether good or bad, the decision made must be transparent. talk about gentleman-hood. You summed it well! Mana blaja matematik ni? Hahaha

Government does not care about locals – PAS is looking forward to meet the people… but PAS sudah sokong penuh this project…apa lagi…looking forward to meet the people…

Eileen.. i hairan dgn u.. apa pasal geli when mention about pig.. pig is just animal ciptaan Tuhan.. like cat, dog..etc.. u sebut
cat…bukan u makan tu kucing…u sebut dog.. bukan u makan tu anjing…we just mention the name of these animals don’t mean
u eat that animal..apa lah…

Leave it to Selangor Govt.Give them a chance to prove to the people.For those who are allowed to eat pork,they have the right to do so. Is there any law that forbid non-muslim to take pork as their food.Dont be baseless emotional.

The Jews and Christians are also forbidden from eating pork.

A quote from the Old Testament and in the book of Leviticus, chapter 11, v. 7, it is recorded that God declares the pig to be unclean for believers.

In verse 8, God says:
“You must not eat their meat or touch their carcasses;
they are unclean for you.”

This command is repeated in Deuteronomy 14:7-8.
Then, in Isaiah 65:2-4, and 66:17, God issues a stern warning against those who eat pork.

You do know that pork is notoriously famous to carry Toxoplasma Gondii parasite in the meat, and won’t perish even with high heat or cold.
So eating one would be hazardous to your health.

But hey, it’s your stomach ! 😉

2. And as for Khir Toyo’s blogging while umrah…err…could he be benefitting from this ‘post to the future’ feature in blogspot?
hmm…I doubt it.

I’m 36, an anarchist and never registered to vote!
thanks for asking hahaha 😀


Saya juga geli dgn binatang tu, mungkin sbb dah tahu benda tu haram jadi nak menyebut namanya juga rasa takut². dari kecil lagi kalau sebut nama tu kena pelangkung la dgn mak. and also anjing, bila jumpa mesti nak lari sbb tak nak bersentuhan, nanti kena samak. Dan apa nak dihairan kan? Sy rasa kat luar sana pun lagi ramai yg alami benda yg sama. geli bila sebut pasal binatang ni.

apa pun terpulang pada kita, jgn la sampai nak aniaya binatang ciptaan Tuhan ini hanya sbb kita geli atau sbb benda tu haram.

100 million buck for a pig farm? That is rather too much isn’t it?

We don’t need this pig farm. Lets scrap it and export the industry overseas!

FYI Mecca has got good Internet connections. Don’t be so prejudiced!

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