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The Peugeot 207 Sales Girl

We were at Wangsa Walk to find a replacement for her iMacs speakers (which was busted weeks ago) until we came about a car sales on the concourse. They were many makers there, Peugeot being one of them.

The Peugeot 207 Sales Girl 1

We were actually quite stunned by the price of the car, RM76k with 5 years free maintenance and another 5 years for warranty. It was a good deal for a 1.6 liter family sedan. However we’re not in the market for one as we’re moving to the country down under to pursue her ambition.

As we further inspect the car’s exterior and interior, the sales girl attended to us displaying great convictions and trying hard to close a deal. Since I pretty much am not in market, I’ll just let this slip until she offered a test drive at one of the showrooms. You know how sales people can be very pushy at times right? So I said yes to the test drive though I’m dead sure I won’t be going.

She pulled out a her note book and start writing my name. I gave her a wrong number.

At the top of my mind, I was wishing her good luck in calling the number. She would probably get someone other than myself on the line. I was already relieved with my decision although this might consider as ‘tipu-sunat’.

Just as I was about to get away with my great display of conning people, my wife stood up and said, “hey, this isn’t your number. Shouldn’t it be XXX”. Bummer. Now my lies are wide open. So we gave her the right number with me pretending to be blur. Hahaha.

I guess we weren’t on the same page that day. Or maybe I need to learn to say no.

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