The Malaysian Football Dream, Wan Kuzain

I’m supposed to be on hiatus, but wth..

While I was playing my Football Manager 2009, I browsed through my Google Reader and read Rasyan’s post, ‘Wonderkid‘. I was a bit curious, but I played the video anyway.


I thought it’d be some perasan posting on Youtube. I was wrong! I watched it 3 times. Wan Kuzain had my jaw on the floor. Pure inspirational!

He’s constantly whipping and lashing the mat sallehs. No kid could steal the ball, let alone bring him down. His witty moves and slick skills somewhat resembles Ronaldinho. I don’t know any of my closes friends could match that talent.

We’ve all seen how prodigy stumbles, I hope he’s not one of them.

Till then, good luck Wan Kuzain! Make us proud!

ps: Back on Hiatus 😛

pss: If you like this post, be sure to watch Madin Mohammed, 6 year old, so short and cute but vital.


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  1. wow. aku harap dia bukan sampah seperti titus james palani itu.

  2. Wooots, first! Welcome back from your hiatus. Nice video you’ve shared over there, and my jaw dropped too, watching at the incredibly nifty footwork that kid has. If he continues to train and receive proper guidance, and has the perseverance to excel, he can do it. He is indeed, one child prodigy for soccer. Wow.

    Even when 3 players surrounded him, he can still pass the ball ever so gracefully and without much effort. Amazing!

  3. wow.. i never thought Malaysia could produce such talent= oh wait, wats up wit the mat salleh? where is he anyway?

  4. I think that kid could have a bright future in football. Only time will prove it

  5. amazing..
    takjub lak aku tgk kan.. 🙂
    hopefully he’ll find the right path to be a wonderful football player..

  6. He looks like he’s dancing 🙂

  7. super mantap beb…tp sbb budak tuh dok kat luar..ko rasa kalau budak tuh ada kat malaysia..dia leh jadi camtuh ke?

  8. Amazing, man 🙂

    Hope he’ll find the right track. And the place where he’ll get fair wages.

  9. dia refuse main dgn national team sbb x ready. umur dia skarang 22-25. x ready apa bendanya. dh balik malaysia rasanya.

  10. Aku main bola dah lama, malah aku pernah bimbing budak2 kat FAS Selangor, tp tak jumpa yg extra. Dia ni betul2 talent.

  11. wow
    really2 great

  12. perghh,gempak tuh.
    harap bakat dia tu akan berbakti utk negara 😀

  13. ko tipu. kata nak ber’hiatus. beruang kutub btol la. her3.

    *aku x minat bola. sekian. :p

  14. but my friend said that he American born, camner nak main Malaysia ni.

  15. My cousin is American born, tp citizenship, Malaysian.

  16. budak ni sgt hebat, aku excited terus publish 😮

  17. oh.. bab ni aku mmg failed hehe 😀

  18. “……Wan Kuzain Wan Kamal merupakan adik saya, satu ayah berlainan ibu.

    Panjang cerita silsilah keluarga saya ini. Tapi yang pasti ibu dan ayah saya bercerai sewaktu saya berumur 2 tahun. Maka dipendekkan cerita ayah kandung saya berkahwin lain dan sekarang menetap di Amerika Syarikat. Mereka mempuyai 3 orang anak lelaki dan Wan Kuzain merupakan yang kedua daripada tiga adik-beradik.

    Kali terakhir saya berhubung dengan mereka selepas SPM 2004. Pada waktu itu, Wan Kuzain baru berumur 5 tahun. Cakap pun tak berapa betul. Tapi ayah saya ada beritahu bahawa si Wan Kuzain ini ada potensi untuk menjadi pemain bola yang baik…….”

  19. Yes bro, memang aku sedut content dari situ.

  20. rasa-rasa, tak perlu untuk sebarkan cerita tentang orang lain. 🙁 😳

  21. Khalid cari connection to the kid je. Bukan nak sebar2. Tp sekadar share story. Lebih baik bercerite tentang inspirasi daripada artis seksi.

  22. wow. cool. kalau pandai jaga budak tu, memang leh pergi jauh.. 😎

  23. huh, da ade post ni. sy br j dpt vdeo ni dr kawan td. google nama bdk ni, naek plk blog noktah hitam ni. mantap kan bdknye?? harap xla dpancing kela eropah plk nnti.. kite tgk cmne negara nk bela dia nnti

  24. I am a youth football coach currently residing in Shanghai coaching foreign kids. Have to say Wan Kuzain is exceptional. I have my buddy, a football agent looking at his video, here is his comment

    1)he looks to be very good for his age

    2)he was flying by guys on the speed dribble
    not out of this world but very good

    3)from the tape he would have been one of the best 10 year old i have recently seen in US

    4)being a good 11 year old and being a pro have very little to do with each other, most people who are the best players at that age dont make it too much positive reinforcement too early affects their intrinsic motivation

    5) EXAMPLE : Freddy adu was unreal at 14
    out of this world, now he cant get a game

    6) its fine to be good at that age of course, but if the media gets a hold of it, game over, kids cant handle it psychologically

  25. Shazwan,

    I am Kuzain’s older brother, Kuzac. I was wondering, has your friend, the agent, said anything about the possibility of him to play in Europe? He has improved greatly in the time period since the video was made. I am currently making a new one, and once that is done, I will be sending it to teams in Europe. Would he be able to play in a top European League and be able to succeed? I am hoping to become his agent and was just wondering what type of clubs I should be looking at for him. If you can help me out that would be greatly appreciated….


  26. Kuzac,

    I have received your message thru this blog. Mind if you send a direct message to my email.

  27. my friend told me about this me about this kid..he has a bright future…even the tv3 reported bout him last week…best of luck, work harder..

  28. this boy is the son of Wan Kamal Wan Napi, ex-player of Harimau Malaysia team in the 80’s. They are in Carbondale, Illinois.

  29. there’s another player in australia..parents from malaysia..chinesse by the name of Andrew Gan..currently playing for Sydney United..

  30. no problem bro…ade jek org laen lahir kt luar…mcm syed adney pn lahir kt liverpool….but they’ll still Malaysian citizen…

  31. andrew gan or brendan gan..

  32. Eat shit

  33. its brendan gan..

  34. 2 Meet 2 All.Nice Hi .. I am my brother Wan KuZain.Tetapi ini.Semasa narrative story that my brother was only 2 years. I come from klang, slangor. My parents divorced because my mother & father arguing about the children … that concludes the story .. I can only tell my experience ..

  35. aku penah jumpa budak malaysia yg mcm si wan kecik ni last 10 year. sekarg xsilap aku budak ni dah masuk blaja kat upsi. lebih kurang umur 18-21.. kalau nak cari budak ni xsilap aku dia asal dari jasin, taman maju, bapak dia cikgu.. org setempat pngil dia ronaldo.. mmg skillfull..

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