The Magical Yuna Story

Spare with me 5 minutes of your life. Play the song below and close your eyes.

Yuna – Deeper Conversation

That’s Yuna with Deeper Conversation. Never in my life I get goosebumps when I hit Play. Most artist takes days to fully assimilate with my ear drums. She only took 3 minutes!

I know I missed the bus to her concert, but hey, better late than never.

Ninie was the first to recommend Yuna. I googled, but half way through, I found out Yuna’s myspace. Myspace and me is like water and oil. Out the window she goes.

Few months passed, Laila recommended. She even sent Yuna’s tunes via Email. Somehow I couldn’t play those songs on Winamp or iTune. Another fate barrier.

Yesterday, Sarah wrote about Yuna. The song played automatically, I was rather forced against my will to listen. I was about to hit CTRL + W, her voice suddenly pulls me deep in my seat, caressing my subconscious mind. Before I knew it, I had to hold my jaw from touching the ground.

Tudung, Malaysians, whatever, I don’t give a damn. She’s too good to miss.

I hope with me forcing you to listen, will pave a golden road for her.

ps: I bet her boyfriend is one insecure alpha male.

pss: I’d love to make a parody of this song, since she asks a lot of Qs.

psss: Please Yuna, release the chords! I want to learn! Ok, maybe after your Euro tour.

pssss: There was actually more than 3 people who recommended Yuna. I couldn’t remember.

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these are a few tracks from her that you NEED to check out…

1. Polaroid (cover version from ‘Oh Chentaku’)
2. Permission (one of the songs featured in the miniseries GODA)
3. Backpacking Around Europe
4. Nocturnal
5. Rocket
6. Dan Sebenarnya

hey… i own her ep… ngee… she is definitely worth checking out…

p/s:- she used to be my junior during those time i was doing my pre-law certificate in uitm kedah. never knew she would pursue a different path altogether…

Eddie, why don’t u try to play by ears. I spent 1 whole day few months back to play Deep Conversation and recently I hit my keyboard 4 hours nonstop to major After Midnight song. The outcomes were really not bad at all. Heheh. Go try!

p/s: My brother wrote an entry about ‘Tagged By Yuna’. It wasn’t a tag at all. It was just a few lines answering those questions in Yuna’s Deeper Conversation. Perasan amat. And for that, I agree with your ‘ps’. Hehe.

bro..agree with you…first i though what’s all the fuss with yuna stuff…i never wanted to check it out but since you personally recommend yuna and because you’re my great buddy & brother plus i know your taste is the same as mine in many aspect, so i decided to check it out and it’s one of the best and calming 3 and minutes of my day.. :up: :up:

my sister,
glamour die dapat masuk noktah hitam nih
yuna is da great singer and songwriter
bro dah beli EP dia belum?
wajib beli taw,memang powerfull!

Dah lama aku dengar lagu-lagu Yuna ni sejak awal tahun aritu.. tp bg aku x match ngan jiwa la.. aku ni tersangat suka lagu yg jenis electro, euro dance dan trance.. tapi ada gak certain2 lagu melayu yg mmg buat aku layan.. mcm Caffeine – Hidupku Kan Damaikan Hatimu dan Gina Umayati – Dunia Khayalan..

Oh yes, I fell in love with this song first time I heard it, that was for Urbanscapes 2008. She does gigs for Moonshine regularly too, and sometimes Layar Tanchap in Shah Alam.

Her singing live is even more awesome than on recording :up:

You play keyboard? Wow. So what level are you?

I can’t play by ears. I believe I cannot listen to notes correctly. Heck, I cant even tune my own guitar (I have a software to do that for me).

I wanted to write tagged by Yuna too, somehow I think if I were to reply in a musical form, it makes a lot of difference πŸ™‚

Kesian the BF.

Yuna again! πŸ™‚
yerp, she’s AWESOME.
When I listen to her song (dan sebenarnya), I was like.. hey, what is that.. macam pelik jer. πŸ™„
then I started to fall in love with it too.

I play by ears since 9. Only by ears. By 12, I could play Tears in Heaven completely. I have a few collections of my own pieces in Imeem. I doubt u can find it. Huhu. Orang kata ada nickname baru cool kan. Hehe πŸ˜€

Ha. Silalah kongsikan nanti kalau dah berjaya ye. I wanna see how much difference it may make πŸ™‚ Kesian sungguh the BF.

wOOt! So you’re telling me, you never had any piano lesson? Cool! My deskmate (when I was in form 5) had the same ability, I sgt jealous ok!

Alaa, you’re just teasing me. If you have the guts, silelah kongsi. Besides, I’m not a big stalker who’d google your internet activity, it’ll be psycho don’t you think?

That’s for Yuna to decide. If she ditches her boyfriend, people might think she’s being shallow. But we don’t know what lies beneath their relationship. It is definitely an unpleasant journey for the boyfie. Good luck to both of them

Somehow I don’t like that song so much. And people tell me, they like the EP more than the studio recording. Well, I beg to differ. She’s not like Marie Digby, live better than recording. But thats just how I think, I dont know about others.

Yup. Never had any. Aish. Don’t google on other people. I myself hate such stalker. Haha. πŸ˜€

Will email u the link later. Keep a secret. None of my readers know this fact. Only close friends and housemates πŸ™‚

I’ve got an “error opening file” note. When trying to access your tape page, I got a “Warning – Fix issue before proceeding! / Opentape”.

I’m afraid it has anything to do with my side, but I don’t think so. Anybody got this too?

Ps: Just heard about her. Watched her MySpace, she’s ridiculously mesmerizing!

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