The Magical Yuna Story

Spare with me 5 minutes of your life. Play the song below and close your eyes.

Yuna – Deeper Conversation

That’s Yuna with Deeper Conversation. Never in my life I get goosebumps when I hit Play. Most artist takes days to fully assimilate with my ear drums. She only took 3 minutes!

I know I missed the bus to her concert, but hey, better late than never.

Ninie was the first to recommend Yuna. I googled, but half way through, I found out Yuna’s myspace. Myspace and me is like water and oil. Out the window she goes.

Few months passed, Laila recommended. She even sent Yuna’s tunes via Email. Somehow I couldn’t play those songs on Winamp or iTune. Another fate barrier.

Yesterday, Sarah wrote about Yuna. The song played automatically, I was rather forced against my will to listen. I was about to hit CTRL + W, her voice suddenly pulls me deep in my seat, caressing my subconscious mind. Before I knew it, I had to hold my jaw from touching the ground.

Tudung, Malaysians, whatever, I don’t give a damn. She’s too good to miss.

I hope with me forcing you to listen, will pave a golden road for her.

ps: I bet her boyfriend is one insecure alpha male.

pss: I’d love to make a parody of this song, since she asks a lot of Qs.

psss: Please Yuna, release the chords! I want to learn! Ok, maybe after your Euro tour.

pssss: There was actually more than 3 people who recommended Yuna. I couldn’t remember.

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Chords for deeper conversation revolves around Em, A, D and F#m. Verse starts with Em, A, D, play the D twice the duration of the first two chords and during the chorus replace the D with the F#m.

Backpacking around europe revolves around D, A, G, Gm.


gua dah lama dah dengar lagu camni…DAMIEN RICE dan LISA HANNIGAN tu….
okeylah YUNA ni…aku boleh layan lagu YUNA dari BUNKFACE ke DUMBFACE ker ?hahaha…

okeylah…aku bangga ada awek cam dia yang ada imej FOLK dan INDIE …yang lelain tu sumer SENGAL jer…

you said you’re done with after midnight. pass me the chords please. as an exchange, ive the chords for deeper conversation, backpacking around europe, dan sebenarnya, and the piano part for blue sands, if they are to your interest. PLEASEEEEE give after midnight’s chords.pleaseeeeee

hey, i also love her. she is so like damn gorgeos and owh i sound like a lesbian..haha! her music, songs, voice complete her beauty. owh for so long ive been waiting for our industry to have this kind of singer.
girls, tudung, guitar.

ps; her bf must be so dumb to let her go right.

Deeper Conversation…

aku dgr smpai tdo..haha..
mmg best!

tenang jiwa ini rsnye… πŸ˜€ :XO:

do you know where can i get this version of the song?i’ve been looking around,and there’s one other.but i like this version better.she sounds more vulnerable in this.

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