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The Long Awaited PD Trip is Finally Over

It was a simple day trip, but the preparation took months. Everything was carried out in details. Everyone was given a task. Mine was rather simple, to help out what needs an extra hand.

Let’s not waste time and straight to pictures! Since I’m a pretty nice guy, I’m not going to burst your bandwidth downloading unnecessary pictures.

Click to enlarge.


These are my favorites.


Wishing upon a ‘star’, I wonder where you are.


Band of Brothers. Just remember to pay me RM17 per person for the groceries.


Human pyramid. Don’t ever tell us to grow up, we won’t.


They say humans can’t fly, they weren’t lying.

We originally planned this last year. It’s certainly worth the wait. Now, off to shower to wash down this dreadlock hair.

ps: To those who didn’t make it: Sorry.

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42 replies on “The Long Awaited PD Trip is Finally Over”

Lawanya semua gambar yang ada sunset! Eh eh. Mana gambar spect? Mana? Mana? *Eddie bersifat tak aci menyorokkan spect baru dia* πŸ˜†

The silhouette pics are cool! It’s a long time since my last trip to PD or any seaside.

The RM17 per person.. sometimes it just disappear until the next trip.. ohoho. It always like that. uh πŸ˜₯

gambar pertama tuh sangat,sangat cantik..colour dia blend together,leh buat poster.

“Tha Hardy Boys-The Movie” coming soon.

hahaha πŸ˜€

Banyaknye lelaki separuh-bugil πŸ˜• ➑ πŸ™„

Aurat jaga sket bang. Pusat sampai lutut je pun.

bukan miri dikelilingi beach ke? hoho.. ke awak ambik gambar boring.. hehehe

ps. kita orang miri okay..
pss: gi la sabah if nak cantik lagi beachnya.

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