The Legendary Player or Team?

2010 Rugby

This was the last time I wore the striking blue boot, taken during Malay College Old Boys Weekend, where we gather from all over the world, just to beat school brats. Never again I wore them, maybe because I’m too lazy.

The question I got from juniors was whether person X, Y and Z were legends?

In a normal school, those who left are never really looked upon. That’s a different story for boarding schools. I used to remember, I admired a senior who played rugby very well. He even got called up to play for Perak. Amongst us, we bicker on who can be whom, you know wannabes. Guilty, I was one too.

Anyway, I nodded to the fellow juniors. Yes, it’s true. They turned to themselves in disbelief and excited as if they shook hand with Nelson Mandela. “Gile hebat laa X, Y and Z“, came afterwards.

I knew for sure that they’ll be idolizing the seniors, slight envy grew within, I interrupted their wildest dream. I told them,

“Boys, 3 players does not make a team even if they were legends.”

They looked puzzled. I assumed they wanted me to elaborate, so I did. I told them Mokhtar Dahari was a legend, but he could never possibly make it if there was no strong support. He’s like the main cast and he needs pak pacaks too. Similar to Tun Mahathir’s parliament seats, he needs support from ministers. They nodded.

Betul jugak kan?“, they got to thinking.

“If you want be a legend, then the whole team has to share same dream.” I left them.

I was half down the hall to the vending machine, a junior yelled from a far, “Abang, abang ni Y kan?“. I turned and smiled.

Me a legend? Pfftt.. the whole team was a legend. If they hadn’t passed the ball, there won’t be any number to write on the scoreboard. So remember this, where ever you are, even if you’re aiming to be a legend or someone respectful, you need support. Unless, you’re damn bloody talented.

ps: No HTC Desire Z for today.

pss: Picture courtesy of Munzir Photography, thanks to abdusfauzi.

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teringat aku pesan coach hockey aku dulu (koja), sehebat mana pun ko, dribble mcm lipas kudung, or defend mcm china great wall, xkan kemana kalau memasing x work as a team.

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