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The Inevitable Slip


The other day I was having lunch alone. A girl slipped and fell between the tables.

Everyone on the floor turned their head. From the far corner of the shop, I can hear tiny laughters echoing the air. The girl blushed, blaming herself for her clumsiness. Slowly, she picked up everything she dropped.

I kneel before her and offered a hand. (I’m pretty sure there was a beam of brimming light showering me, like I was a knight in shining armor.) She smiled and left without a word.

She was injured, if not physically, mentally.

What is it with you people? Why do you have to laugh? Was it the gesture? Was it the clumsiness? Do you like it when people laughs at you when you’re on your bottom, agonizing the pain?

I’ve been to many parts of the world, Malaysia’s mentality disgusted me most. Only Malaysians can laugh at someone else’s misfortune.

Please, they need a hand not a laugh. So shut up, it’s not funny, never is ➡

ps : I’ve been tagged! So many to answer, very lil time 😮

By NoktahHitam

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Nope, not funny. Never is.

I think it’s because a typical Malaysian likes to revel in feeling superior. Like having an attitude that basically can be described as an ‘oh I’m better than you therefore I have the right to humiliate you’ mentality. Which makes no sense, but there you go.

There is no empathy, only uncaring sympathy for the misfortunate.

I fell here on a run the other day. Tripped and went splat on the pavement, twisted my ankle. The entire thing happened right in front of this old russian dude and he just pretended he didn’t even see a thing.

At least as cold and rude and impolite as the russians are you can’t hate them for having no emotion to begin with. I thought we Malaysians were more civilised than that.

At least you weren’t behaving like a typical Malaysian. It’s always nice to know there are people who actually give a damn 🙂

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lol! u’ve been to many parts of the world?
pls don’t lie man. do u mean u’ve been to many states (instead of countries?)

malaysian is still better.u cant expect all people is good. if then, this country will be extremely peaceful.

try to go to arabic countries. yeah, arabic..don’t waste ur money to go to america, UK &etc..but try to go there & do blog abt their manners eh? 😉

Even if you add all the states in Malaysia, it still won’t be equivalent to the numbers of countries I’ve been to.

I’ve never been to the land of Arabs. I don’t know.


Emm, I never been to Land of Arab yet.

So, noktahhitam, what can you compare between oversea and malaysia?

For me,
I love to stay in UK, Sheffield (relax and easy)
Love to shopping at Tokyo, especially at Akihabara…

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Many, and if possible, every part of lifestyle is different.

Like in the UK, the light switch is inside the bathroom. There’s a few good reasons for that.

Akihabara? Such a crowded place!

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