The Immerse Speculations

The Immerse Speculations
The Immerse SpeculationsThe Immerse SpeculationsThe Immerse SpeculationsThe Immerse SpeculationsThe Immerse Speculations

I carried this bouquet of chocolates on the LRT. Everyone glared. “I don’t want to engage in a conversation”, I told myself as I slot my ticket into the barricade.

In the cramped LRT, I find clinging myself to the center bar, wrapping my arms neatly around the bouquet. A lady looked at me and grinned. I swear I saw her lips moving as if rehearsing what to ask of this bouquet. I looked the other way, I don’t want her to ask about it.

Halfway to Jelatek, a quarter load got off. More space, more eyes I see sinking into the bouquet. Please, don’t even think about it!

I got off at Jelatek station, the regular Fruit lady asked me, Lucky girl eh? I smiled, I still don’t want to talk about it.

Got my keys, drove back home. I left the bouquet in the car, so mom and dad won’t ponder about it.

When everyone’s asleep, I fetched the bouquet. Snapped some pictures. Now, allow me to blog about it.

ps: Pictures taken using Sony Ericsson W800 in a card board studio 😉

pss: Thank you to that special someone, I’m no longer vindicated

psss: I hope she enjoyed the song I played 😮

pssss: This is probably the sweetest gift I got from a girl 😉 😯 ➡

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83 replies on “The Immerse Speculations”

errr.. ok! pembetulan!
*gang == hang

What can I say, NH? I don’t have the slightest chance to get in line and date you now… 😥

p.s: my colleague asked why am I grinning like an idiot in front of pc, I couldn’t tell her why … hahahaha

melbie’s last blog post..Tired but happy…

kira nya aku punya sek lagi maju ehh dari ko..
aku tulis kat whiteboard bukan kat papan hijau..

dude, aku dulu sekolah kampung la. pi sekolah jalan kaki atas batas sawah. kalau hari hujan harung la air bertakung kat sawah tu sampai basah kasut. sekolah hang memang la lagi maju. huh (berlagak la pulak ada white board. tak bole blah la weii 😀 )

AyUmi’s last blog post..:: oh no! not the flip(!!) ::

wah bahagia lah ni dude!! 😀 😀 memang lawa bouquet of Ferrero Rocher tu.. argh, i also don’t mind holding to it in the LRT if it is a gift from a girl.. 😛 😛

ps: nicely taken photos..

Pergi carrefour beli sugus,
and the guessing game continues,

Orang2 kat sawah suka pakai overall,
The happy news, please tells us all.

Anak lipan baru tumbuh gigi,
See you again in the next entry.

yg tang anak lipan tumbuh gigi tu mcm selalu dgr.. heheh..

anak lipan baru tumbuh gigi
jumpa lagi di lain kali..

a’a, ni bukan original. ala ni saye pinjam drp ustaz fauzi al-kuliyyah lastweek. lastweek punye siri pasal ade sorg pompuan ni, kene masuk jin. live tu die tunjuk. 😯

Dont miss second part of it this friday 5pm on TV3!!

Im in poetic mood today hahaha. Actually I was in the middle of writing mommy’s day poems. I got carried away.

Ala u ni eddie, u dah reveal i punye name kat sini. 😥 i baru nak appear in nama pena. What do you call it English?
Terpaksa tukar nama ni. tehehe.

ye.. secara kebetulan sy cuti exam so sy sempat tgk..
dah lama tak tgk perkara² mcm ni secara live!

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