The Immerse Speculations

The Immerse Speculations
The Immerse SpeculationsThe Immerse SpeculationsThe Immerse SpeculationsThe Immerse SpeculationsThe Immerse Speculations

I carried this bouquet of chocolates on the LRT. Everyone glared. “I don’t want to engage in a conversation”, I told myself as I slot my ticket into the barricade.

In the cramped LRT, I find clinging myself to the center bar, wrapping my arms neatly around the bouquet. A lady looked at me and grinned. I swear I saw her lips moving as if rehearsing what to ask of this bouquet. I looked the other way, I don’t want her to ask about it.

Halfway to Jelatek, a quarter load got off. More space, more eyes I see sinking into the bouquet. Please, don’t even think about it!

I got off at Jelatek station, the regular Fruit lady asked me, Lucky girl eh? I smiled, I still don’t want to talk about it.

Got my keys, drove back home. I left the bouquet in the car, so mom and dad won’t ponder about it.

When everyone’s asleep, I fetched the bouquet. Snapped some pictures. Now, allow me to blog about it.

ps: Pictures taken using Sony Ericsson W800 in a card board studio 😉

pss: Thank you to that special someone, I’m no longer vindicated

psss: I hope she enjoyed the song I played 😮

pssss: This is probably the sweetest gift I got from a girl 😉 😯 ➡

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I’m loss of words! That’s the sweetest gesture I’ve ever seen so far :XO: all the happiness to you both!

P.S. I had a lot of fun reading the threaded comments and discussions above, teehee.

teddY’s last blog post..One in a Hundred

alast! hail to the world~ congrats eddie ;D

p.s : regards from abaw the stalker, muahaha~

huh…last2 kau gi amek gak chocs tu…aku br mcm berangan2 nk amek if kau xnak…huhu!wut took u so long laa..aiya!

AyUmi dear, I’ll always blushing when you mentioned rindu. hmm.. ni yg tak leh lena ni..


yeah u do know me….at least i think i know u laaa…huhu..for the past 23 years of my life…fuh..lamenye!

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