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The Homeless Man Called Razak

Back in 2003, my dad lent me one of his company car (I was also a trainee there). I used to stroll around up and down town. You know young adults, going out (dating) was the way to go.


Jalan Tun Razak is a busy trunk road, bad traffic during waking hours. Whenever I got stuck in traffic, I’d look out the window, searching a familiar homeless man. He’s always there, day, night, morning, evening. I nicknamed him Razak.

Whenever I pass the road, I’d show him a thumbs up. On good days, he’d wave and smiled, bad ones, he’d lift his middle finger.

One day while I was eating at Semarak Food Court, I saw him. He was jumping from one stall to another asking for food. He was constantly being dejected. No one wants to feed him.

I pulled out a chair and asked him to dine with me. I wanted to know Razak personally and see him up close. He could entertain my lonesome lunch.

His cloth and body looked like it survived World War 2, he stinks like a rotten rat, he has only a few tooth left and long white hair covered his face. He’s just like any other homeless man, scary in many ways.

Once he’s done with lunch, we started talking.

He told me that he used to be rich. In an unfortunate event, his wife and kids left with all his money. (Of course I didn’t buy the story, he’s not exactly a sane man).

I asked him whether he has gotten any help with his daily living. Unfortunately, non. Somedays he eats, somedays he doesn’t. He sleeps at the back alley, card board as his matress and his cloth as his blanket. It’s a pitiful sight (if you can ever imagine).

After an hour long conversation, I told him, I’m leaving.

He pulls out a discolored and eyeless teddy bear from his cart and handed to me, a sign of gratitude. I insisted he keep it. He nodded in agreement.

That was the last time I saw Razak. If I recall, there was a crack down in 2005, to shelter all homeless people. I guess he’s part of the plan.

Every now and then as I pass Jalan Tun Razak, I think of him. Has he eaten? Did he sleep well? Can he survive the monsoon rain? I can only hope he’s fine.

I wish I could’ve done more.

ps: Heading to Kuale Kangso tomorrow!

pss: To that person, don’t miss me too much ๐Ÿ™‚

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

49 replies on “The Homeless Man Called Razak”

hurm..i’m quite intrigued to know who is that person too..especially after that ‘wedding dream’..lols..

anyways..its a nice story..enjoy reading it..

wow! it’s good lesson to teenager and other. I think someone will try to dig more about that person. It was interesting story. who is he long time ago before he become like that. There is secret and valuable inside him!

I loved the way both of you communicate to each other, the attitude. hope he’s doing fine now..

bro..i also have some homeless in Rohas..didn’t get the chance to talk to them..will do soon….

going back to kuale too tomorrow..and got some event in ipoh…at sae’s i’ll see around kuale this weekend ! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

What happen next to Razak remains a mystery. Have you asked his real name? Poor Razak..and other homeless ppl. It’s very rare to see homeless ppl in my place, tho.

Agree with the 1st commenter..who’s ‘that person’ …hehe

Hurrmmm.. jangan biarkan diri anda di selubingi misteri Razak.. btw.. u such a nice person.. secara jujur.. aku pasti tidak akan belanja makan org sebegitu.. aku takut.. kerana tidak semua org sebegitu baik hatinya seperti razak.. ada yang mahu ambil kesempatan ke atas kebaikan kita.. hurmm…

zaman skrg ni…kita makin takut kebaikan org..takut ada udang di sebalik mee

tapi…Allah ajar jangan berprasangka buruk..berserah…kita jalankan kewajipan kita dan balasannya bukan kita yang akan tentukan.

sesuatu terjadi ada sebab dan kisah yang tak tercapai akal ilmu kita utk mengetahuinya

Takut jugak Kak Jie. Kalau die lompat terkam. Tak pasal transfer penyakit yg kite sendiri pon tak pasti. Betul dak?

Pepatah Melayu, buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jgn sekali.

Some people just dont understand that these homeless were broken down to bits. Its very hard for them to change their lifestyle, as in going back to work. They’ve probably lost all hopes before being cornered to homeless.

As silly as it may seem, it’s better to be homeless than suicidal.

aku pernah tjumpa org mcm tu.
tp bkn homeless. masih ada keja.sbg pak guard.
dia kononnya pun pernah menjadi kaya. sbg kontraktor.
bila kwn tipu dlm perniagaan. dia jadi muflis.
isteri tinggalkan dia. bawa sekali anak2.

apa yg si ‘Razak’ ceritakan mungkin ada benarnya.
kesan psikologi terhadap manusia adalah berat kalau seseorang tu tak dapat menanggung.
kesudahannya mungkin dapat kita lihat dari ‘razak’ itu sendiri.

ayat aku terlalu skema ke? ๐Ÿ˜›

kadang2 aku buat gak camni
masa tengah makan bila ada budak2 minta derma
aku akan tanya dulu dah makan ke belum
biasanya budak2 tuh takut nak makan sebab takut kena marah
aku insist gak. hehe lahap gak diaorang makan
memang diaorang tengah lapar
ada sekali tuh siap ask me to tapau somemore
kesian aku tengok….
daripada aku bagi duit baik aku bagi sepinggan nasi berlauk kan… ๐Ÿ™‚

it was touching that you did that to a stranger like that. as for me, i would never do that (not when i am alone, that is). not to be biased or discriminating or whatever, but i am actually kind of afraid of them as i have had a bad experience with homeless folks before (being chased by a loon at petaling jaya). scary!

I purposely dig back your older entries to find this story. And I’ve been holding for too long to tell you this: I was touched by your story. Thanks for such an inspirational attitude you’ve showed and shared with us.

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