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The Gym Membership

I personally think gym membership is the best way to rip people off with promises you’ll be in shape by year end. Read this article to learn why. A 12 year old can come up with this marketing scheme.

The Gym Membership 1

I once joined gym. After a few months, I got to my desire weight and shape. It’s pretty easy if you’ve had similar routine and you know what works for you. The trouble surface when I want to quit. When I signed up, they told me I could quit anytime I like. That was the condition I had already pre-determined before penning down my ugly signature. It turns out, I need to continue to pay for the entire year even if I decided not to keep my membership.

This is ludicrous beyond wild boars! I still cancelled my membership and cancelled the credit card that was tied to it. Hahaha, who’s smarter now? (It was a crappy bank, and I had to manually transfer money to pay for it).

The time has come again, but this time, it’s not about me getting fit. It’s about the safety of my fiance.

She’s been complaining that she got hit on and some of them wait until she’s done with her session. I’m not even remotely insecure emotionally, but rather physically. What if this.. what if that.. the classic ‘what if-s’. The best advice I could give her is, don’t even bother when someone tries to chat with you. Is it enough to shoo away buaya darat?

It’s either she quits and becomes unhappy about her figure (which I think is marvelous already) or I join for a deduction of RM150 per month (I rather spend that money on golf! Hahaha). I need to move somewhere closer to the gym she frequents so I don’t get cramps on my drive back home.

Fasting month is just a few weeks away. Maybe I’ll consider after Eid-ul Fitr.

But if I were to join a gym, it’ll definitely be kick-boxing one. It’s the best all rounder exercise you can ever have, plus the ability to beat the crap out of anyone. I’m just saying, I don’t really want to hurt anyone.. for fun. I bet people in the wouldn’t dare to disagree with me. LOL

ps: I miss running on the school track.

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