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The Group Coupon

The idea of online Group Coupon has been phenomenally received. It works just like bulk purchases of products or services to cater for future needs. Anyway, this particular promo caught my eye.

The Group Coupon 1

XXX Signature Mix Platter which consists of fresh char-grilled tiger prawns, deep fried calamari, half shell mussels, 7” chicken sausage, 6” breaded fish and the chef’s special Yorkshire pudding served with mixed garden salad and fries

and you call this you frigging SIGNATURE DISH? So you are telling me that YOUR chef, who probably has certification or got some professional training can only design a signature dish by deep frying? You gotta be kidding me. My 3 year old niece can deep fry this for you. How is this even special? The salt? The flour? The decoration?

These people are ass. Cheap stuff, throw some fancy deco and call it SIGNATURE. Come on la, don’t make yourself look like moron la. Go watch AFC channel and steal some recipe from there.

Without the online coupon, this deal will cost you RM 120 along with other dishes. With the coupon, it values dropped to RM 60.

Good deal? I say it’s bad. First you have to drive there. That’s gonna cost you a fraction of the amount. Second, it would be better to buy the ingredients and fry it yourself. You’ll have shit loads of fries, mussels, tiger prawns, fish, chicken etc. You’ll have enough leftover until the day after tomorrow’s dinner.

These companies should take responsibility in drawing up the line between dirt cheap and reasonable value. Dirty tricks like blowing up the initial price just to have eye popping discount should be avoided at all cost, although it appears like it’s becoming like a trend.

Come on la, we’re not morons, we have brains. Respect our intelligence and we’ll respect you & your business.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

9 replies on “The Group Coupon”

betullllllllllll.jgn beliii. kalau nk beli pn (sll nye perempuan mcm aku la) beli manicure pedicure session ke massage ke. makanan2 ni tak payah lah.membazir.kdg2 membazir jugak kalau beli certain kupon yg kenebuat appointment etc walhal due date abis kupon tu dh nk dkt sgt dah.mau berebut nk buat appointment silap2 tak dpt lgsg kupon dh beli ni.sighhhh. org nk kejar benda murah tp kdg2 tak pk .lol.

The company that I work for has been approached by Groupon too! They’re seriously persuasive even after we said no and proposing very low prices for us to advertise with them. For me, they are bad news to business!

Oh btw, I think the businesses were the ones being scammed by Groupon.. They were convinced to take up this opportunity, for one reason alone “groupon lets you be known to let the customers have a taste of your superb service and becomes repeat customers!” They said it’s ok to sell at a lower price for future business deals. To me it’s BS.. Hopefully my management will take up my words and the researches that I presented to them.

groupon2 ni dah mcm ala2 zaman smartonline shopping kat tv3 dulu. ingat tak zaman2 tengok tv ada demo pasal tu la ni la. pasal exercise machine, remote tu remote ni. hehe 🙂

Kalau ice cream deal mcm ok tak? Imagine paying rm9.90 for 2 bowls of tripple scoop. Ok kot..

But yeah, the deal you posted is a load of crap.

They approached our company as well. My take it, it only works on services i.e Spa, manicure etc.

My 2 cents worth.. 😀

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