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The Goods About Harga Minyak Naik

I’m sure many of you are disgusted with Pak Lah’s decision to reduce the subsidy of petrol, DRASTICALLY. I, myself was brought to my bottom with the contradiction of statements by the Ministers.

Anyhow, let’s get on with our topic.

Going green. With the recent fuel hike, many will opt for public transport. With lesser carbon burnt, mother nature can finally wipe that cold sweat off her head. Hopefully we can minimize global warming.

Strengthen relationship. Many will car pool to work, hence introduces more conversation and bridging that gap between neighbors and co-workers.

Petrol alternatives. Researchers will now focus on cheaper alternatives. Be it hybrid cars, solar, hydrogen, cooking oil, bio-fuel. I believe this technology is readily available, all that is left is to refine and implement.

More civilized drivers. Not only we’ll think twice, but thrice to floor that needle to unnecessary speed. Hence introducing well-mannered drivers.

Differentiating necessities. You’ll no longer buy Famous Amos when Chipsmore would be enough to feed that hasty appetite. Or upgrade your phone when you know you only need it to make calls or text somebody.

Lesser outings. No more short trips to 7 Eleven in the middle of the night for some booze. And feel obligated to go out for the sake of sharing your 2 cents with your buddies.

Higher grades. Although this maybe a dispute, but students will start mulling their materials since mommy and daddy did not increase their allowance to compensate fuel hikes. Ok, maybe a little increase (for food). They will also study hard so they can earn bigger bucks and put an end to poverty.

Birth to Modesty. No more additional serving. No more obesity. No more thoughtless waste. No more ill-mannered drivers. No more big cars. No more engine upgrades. No more silver linings on birthday cakes. Less is more.

Healthier Citizens. Since many opt for public transport, we’ll do more walking than usual. Some of us might even cycle to work. (I’ll jog to office if my knees permits me).

No matter what, we just have to embrace the fact that our PM is killing us softly with his song. Whether you like it or not, this social obligation is already forced upon us. All that is left for us is to think and spend wisely.

ps : In all honesty, I too, felt the financial pressure (I can only do 160km what usually is 200km for RM50). What more the lower income group? *Sigh*

pss : The Cons About Harga Minyak Naik will be on Monday, till then, have a jolly weekend. (Spend time with your loved ones at home)

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many will opt for public transport !?

Halllooooooo … Malaysian public transportation is among the dreadest in the World ! Bad time management, limited coverage, bad networking, bad service ! Who wanna go to work on that ! The last time I took the KTM commuter, the arrival time kept changing to the worst, every second I look at the board !

Strengthen relationship ?

I doubt. It’s like living alone and living with friends.

Which would easily lead you into quarrels ? Instead of strengthening one, it would crash not just one but dozens of them.

Soon, dialogues like this would become common,
” Hey, you already rode mine hundreds of km this week and I only rode yours to cross the street yesterday ! Where got road ? ”

Healthier Citizens ? Cycling to work ?

Since when our roads are bicycle and pedestrian friendly ? Even the blinds risk their lives walking by our roadsides ! Malaysia should take example from developed nations or at least, China !

Instead of healthier ones, we would have to spend more cash on hospital beds or building morgues for increasing numbers of cyclist who got hit on our roads.

NH got a point.

Some of it pun for the sake of sarcasm jer pun. Hahah..

But going green in Malaysia mcm tak kot. Public transport punya asap eksos punyalah hitam mcm muka sami vellu. Lagi tak berkesan.

Senang semua naik basikal. You get fitter and your heart get stronger. Fuwahhh!


maggot’s last blog post..Iron Man – Sony Ericsson Theme

Saya hairan mengapa kerajaan di bawah Pak Lah terlepas pandang perbandingan purata pendapatan seorang rakyat Singapura dengan purata pendapatan seorang rakyat Malaysia semasa membandingkan harga minyak di Singapura dan harga minyak di Malaysia.

Lagi satu, kenapa nak membandingkan harga minyak di negara nett importer minyak dengan harga minyak di Malaysia, iaitu negara nett exporter minyak. Tak perlu tengok jauh sampai di Dubai dan sebagainya, tengok je kat negara jiran di Asean iaitu Brunei. Berduyun-duyun kereta Malaysia dari Miri, Limbang & Lawas datang ke Brunei hari-hari membeli minyak di sana.

Harga minyak sekarang ni cuma 30 sen lebih rendah berbanding harga minyak dunia. Pada masa yang sama, gaji/pendapatan seorang rakyat Malaysia jauh lebih rendah dari gaji standard dunia. Bayangkan fresh engineer di Malaysia makan gaji yang sama “lumayannya” dengan gaji tukang cuci tandas di US. Bayangkan lagi tukang cuci itu menggunakan kemudahan pengangkutan awam yang sangat selesa dan tak perlu tunggu lama. Bayangkan lagi bila dia dah “retire” nanti, kerajaan US akan menanggung sara hidupnya.

Bagi saya, ubah gaya hidup bermaksud berpindah kerja ke negara lain. Saya lebih sanggup membayar harga minyak dunia di US sedangkan gaji berlipat-lipat tinggi berbanding gaji di sini, pedulilah apa pekerjaan – ingat bahawa gaji tukang cuci tandas di sana sama hebatnya dengan gaji seorang fresh engineer di sini.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Yang malang,
Engineer Malaysia

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Sebelum kerajaan Malaysia (di bawah Pak Lah) menaikkan harga minyak retail , sepatutnya kerajaan terlebih dahulu menaikkan purata pendapatan seorang rakyat Malaysia. Tengok tu … gaji engineer tempatan pun dah tak ke mana jika dibandingkan dengan gaji tukang cuci tandas di US … mampuslah rakyat kalau macam ni.

Ubah cara hidup? Baik ubah kerajaan!

kree’s last blog post..Fokus Kepada Matlamat, Bukannya Kepada Proses

all the points, saje je sarcasm. Kalau tak nampak, tak tau la.

but im pretty much serious about the first point. I thought there’s a mechanism to hancurkan kete byk asap or at least saman. I believe kt puspakom ade such test.

Public transport is ok-ok. LRT, always there and so is rapid kl.

There’s a basic to car pooling, go google it. I can’t teach you everything in life.

Healthier. Walking helps circulating blood. I take it you’ve never read health mags?

I have never seen any bicycle incidents in KL. I’ve cycled throughout my uni days (2 years) on Jalan Ampang, Tun Razak and Sultan Ismail.

Open up your mind a bit.

bukan terlepas pandang, tetapi igtkan rakyat bole tutup sebelah mate. Kalau dah berjaye menipu 51% rakyat, itu dah kire majoriti.

Saya pernah bekerja sebagai penjaga store kedai kasut di UK. Upah bulanan, 800 pound = RM5,600. 100% kali ganda dari gaji engineer saye.

kite mandi minyak dulu sebelum naik minyak. Ala-ala silat.

Aku asik dapat SMS nak buat perarakan je. Aku tak salahkan mereka. Kesian babe, kete makan lagi byk dari anak.

Bila Sabah ni nak ada LRT?

Bas? Bas kebanyakan orang asing yang bawa, dahlah time management hancur, bahaya pula tu terhuyung-hayang ke sana ke mari dalam bas …

Basikal? Boleh pasang lampu jalan tak? Aku habis keje jam 5.30-6.00 p.m. Berbasikal balik rumah nak juga sampai dua jam rasanya… gelap tu …

So nampaknya orang² East Malaysia juga yang teruk menanggung akibat eh…

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haha pros?there are no pros.
1st, do u know how public transport in Malaysia work?its sucks to the max. Our public trans. is not as good as Japan and other 1st world country. Every time nak naik bus all full already. Good la malaysia.
2nd, Crime Rate will increase as well since the petrol has increased, thugs out there with no money will hunt for citizens. yeah thanks to the G.

thanks you so much Barang Naik.

🙄 hehe.. pernah terbaca your pengalaman ngeri.. eheh..

btw NH, i think i’m sick with our situation rite now. tak dapat fikir tentang positive site or whatever.. huhuh.. tapi logic jugak tho!

I was about to write the same things. Great minds do think alike eh? Anyways, there’s always a silver lining. Don’t be so pessimistic and angry about the situation. Your (as in all the people yang marah2 ni) blood pressure deserves better 😛

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Sedarlah semua rakyat Malaysia termasuk pemimpin Malaysia, berjimat bukanlah penyelesaian tetapi naikkan pendapatan. Dunia makin maju maka kita harus ubah gaya hidup agar duduk sama rendah, berdiri sama tinggi dengan bangsa lain; bukannya berubah agar kembali menggunakan basikal dan bas tak da aircond (masih berleluasa sekarang) – itu zaman 70an, sekarang zaman abad ke 21. Kereta Kancil 650 dah tak da dipasaran – ingatlah. Sekali lagi, berjimat bukanlah penyelesaian tetapi penyelesaiannya adalah naikkan pendapatan.

Daripada berjimat subsidi, carilah jalan naikkan pendapatan negara. Kalau Dr M boleh dan Malaysia Boleh, takkanlah P_k L_h tak boleh?

Daripada menukar (mengundurkan) gaya hidup, carilah jalan naikkan pendapatan keluarga dengan pendapatan sampingan.

Kalau zaman Dr M memang budaya berbusiness itu sering dilaungkan dan digalakkan. Kalau zaman P_k L_h, asyik-asyik suruh “undurlah” (ubahlah) gaya hidup. Bukannya berubah lebih baik, maju/mara ke depan, tetapi berundur ke belakang. Mana tak Malaysia makin hari makin mundur, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan?

Contoh yang ketara, Dr M kata MLM itu bagus (tajuk keratan akhbar “MLM and You”) dan Tun juga pandang sebelah mata kepada guru-guru yang mendapatkan pendapatan sampingan dengan mengadakan tuition tetapi P_k L_h melarang pekerja kerajaan membuat MLM malah guru-guru pun di-‘limit’-kan membuat tuition.

We need a business-minded leader to run the country, he who belong to “B” & “I” quadrant, a visionary leader. Bukannya leader yang berada dalam “E” quadrant yang berfikiran sempit. (Please refer to E-S-B-I quadrant, yang dipelopor Encik Robert T. Kiyosaki.)

Dahlah mengurangkan rezeki halal orang lain, dia suruh pulak orang ikat perut sambil dia naikkan harga minyak yang mana menaikkan harga barang dan charge perkhidmatan. P_k L_h tak apa lah, kereta dia ada government driver dan tak perlu bayar minyak kerana ada allowance minyak – duit rakyat tu.

Disclaimer: Anda lengkapkan sendiri siapakah P_k L_h? Saya sengaja tak tulis. Takut masuk ISA.

kree’s last blog post..Fokus Kepada Matlamat, Bukannya Kepada Proses

Well…. harga minyak sudah naik.

At the moment, I take things positively. But at the same, pity especially those who can’t afford to handle the situation as a consequenses “harga minyak sudah naik”.

I take this situation presently positively to educate my children how’s life should be. Bukan bererti kita perlu makan ubi kayu balik macam zaman dahulu. Kita sebenarnya hendaklah belajar hidup serba sederhana. If we wish our government to act fairly and spend accordingly to the needs of its nation, same goes to us who manage our own family. Of course majority people are very upset and angry especially with the present government. This issue is the “hottest issue”…. mana-mana kita pergi mendengar rungutan. Yang kita paling kesian adalah golongan yang tidak berkemampuan.

Bagi yang sudah bergaji lebih…. ingat-ingat….masa berduit kita lupa anugerah tuhan… berbelanja berlebihan. Yang tidak perlu… pun kita beli… konon nak standard. Look what happen now… we don’t save our money but just spend. Look at our community around us… kita semua kena ingat… harta yang diberi kepada kita bukan semua milik kita.

I’m not trying to be proud how I and my husband manage our financial affair. Logically we afford to buy a bigger house and have luxury car but we don’t. Dari mula perkahwinan kami bersetuju…buy necessary thing only. Rumah bukan banglo but just corner lot single storey terrace house. Kereta pun sekadar memenuhi keperluan – hutang pun kurang. Kalau ada lebih $ beli rumah setingkat kerana senang utk disewa. Our children are always reminded – eat whatever serve… penting zat makanan… & macam-macam lagi cara lain utk berjimat.

Suka tak suka terserah pada masing-masing. Kalau u all tanya saya ok tak harga minyak naik… of course semua setuju ia amat drastik kerana barang lain pun akan naik harga. Yang penting sekarang saya tidak mahu menjadi ia satu situasi menghantui saya. Yang penting sekarang … kehidupan hendaklah diteruskan dan sementara ini ambil ia secara +ve.

Actually I was just about to blog about what you’ve just written 😀 you’ve just taken the words out of my mouth. Since this post is also about the latest petrol price hike, I guess I’ll just append my missing comment for the previous post here 🙂

Having studied economics in college, I understand why the Malaysian government would want to reduce subsidies on petrol – it’s just too much for them to bear, and the money spend on these subsidies could be better utilised to stabilise rice prices, subsidise the poor and revive abandoned projects (I hope they do, like the Putrajaya LRT stuff). It would be short sighted if we see it as a bad, poorly implemented (although they could do the increase in phases over a few months instead of OVERNIGHT), since it is unwise for a government to keep paying for petrol which is volatile in the global market, and secondly, very environmental unfriendly. Malaysian roads are notoriously clogged by traffic because of cheap cars and cheap petrol, so much so that people wouldn’t even think twice before starting the car engine. Nobody gave a damn about calls for car pooling because petrol is cheap back them – now this move will make people think.

The most significant impact that will come out of this is that people will reduce reliance on petrol, and subsequently, petroleum-derived goods like plastic bags (Selangor state council just declared today to make the state plastic bag free within 365 days) and electricity (26% hike for those who spend more than MYR45 per month of power). So no more hastily switching on the air conditioner even when the heat is bearable, or throwing plastic bags that clog up rivers (which costs the government a fortune to clean up, especially clogged sewage systems). The cascading effect on cost savings in other sectors will be pretty significant.

I have one wish though, that the government will do something about the sad state of affair of the public transportation system. No insult on the government and Malaysians, but Singapore seems to be extremely good at planning efficient and highly-utilised (and thus PROFITABLE) public transport. We should really learn something from them. In Malaysia, we’ll have to wait ages for a bus to arrive, incomplete integration between different forms of transport (well, a famous example will be the KL Monorail station being 200m away from KL Sentral – doesn’t make much sense right?) and erratic arrival times of commuter trains. Spending a fraction of the MYR13billion cost savings from the cut in fuel subsidy will do magic, really 😆

p/s: For this time, I typed on Notepad, just in case. Thanks for the tip! I hope I wasn’t too wordy in this comment!

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Contoh yang ketara, Dr M kata MLM itu bagus (tajuk keratan akhbar “MLM and You”) dan Tun juga pandang sebelah mata kepada guru-guru yang mendapatkan pendapatan sampingan dengan mengadakan tuition tetapi P_k L_h melarang pekerja kerajaan membuat MLM malah guru-guru pun di-’limit’-kan membuat tuition.

—aku amat sokong ini statement.. skarang ni kalo nak wat tusyen kena ada surat hitam putih and kalau dpt Skim Baucer Tuisyen akan dikira sbg pendapatan tetap dan kena CUKAI.. huhu.. makacih BN.. lebiu..

syahjehan78’s last blog post..Kursus lagi.. ETeMS for Remedial Class Teachers

For your next post on the cons, maybe want to consider these:

The ‘subsidy’ that they said they give to us is actually BS. We who subsidise them and ourselves. How? We already pay more than the ‘subsidy’ value when we purchase our cars in exchange of our life and also our beloved ones too. For how many years we compromise our lives when we actually buy a ‘tin milo’ car when we should actually be buying a Toyota, a Honda, a Volvo, a Nissan etc which obviously got better specs, better safety, better value, better quality, better everything. What actually happens is we pay the subsidy ourselves, AND THEIRS too and compromised on our quality of living when they are the one who actually living lavishly on our tax money & our ‘subsidy’ money to them.

We have compromised too long to actually believe that we actually deserved 1000x better than all the ‘subsidy’ in the world combine. Period.

“Malaysian roads are notoriously clogged by traffic because of cheap cars and cheap petrol, so much so that people wouldn’t even think twice before starting the car engine”.

Hey Teddy,

If I were your lecturer and a god-damn car and petrol user, I would certainly failed your economics paper or whatever paper it is that ure taking under me. cheap cars & petrol? you have got to be *****ng kiddin’ me.

“Healthier Citizens”

I’ve got to agree with the last point. I will no longer take the “angkut” to uni anymore. Now I have to walk back and forth between my house and uni. Heh. 😈

Mira’s last blog post..Uninspired.

Alo Tun, read the whole paragraph la.

“Nobody gave a damn about calls for car pooling because petrol is cheap back them – now this move will make people think.”

By cheap, he probably meant ‘affordable’. As in accessible car loans etc.

Medical students already use the stairs for a change kan? Tak yah waste energy, naik je ‘angkut’.

I jogged 7km today and stopped at a local stall for nasi lemak takeaway. Guess what, I forgot my wallet. Ran back home grabbed my car keys, and drove back to pay the lady. by far the most unproductive thing I’ve done this month.

Okay that will be a personal attack but I choose to pick the chill side.

It’s my fault on behalf, I meant to say ‘cars and petrol are used to be relatively cheaper (and thus affordable) to the general Malaysian public as compared to other countries’. Look at the exorbitant tax rates Singapore is imposing on private vehicles, and see how high oil prices are in Thailand, although their standard of living is almost the same as that of Malaysians.

But hey, affordable petrol and car is one of the reasons that causes Malaysian to purchase unnecessary private vehicles (while, the government is partly to blame for providing inefficient public transport).

And please, be more courteous next time. Your choice of words will land you in hot soup next time. Watch your language, and chill dude! Opinions tend to me polarised on this kind of issue, and what really matters is how we listen to others, and not to hastily shoot other people’s argument down just because of ideological differences.

teddY’s last blog post..Aloha! I’m Back!

“…all the points, saje je sarcasm…” Why? You have very valid points there…and only positive thinkers can look at the situation this way!!! Unfortunately, most people are negatuvely inclined!

P.S. Hello, Black Note! I’m a virgin here eh? LOL!!

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Kalo ikutkan aku, Adalah lebih baik kroni Pak Lah ni semak semula harga minyak untuk kebaikkan bersama. cadangkan elaun minyak kepada Menteri di Batalkan serta merta. sbb itu duit rakyat… biar diorg rasa mcm mana.

Tapi bila kita fikir kebaikkannya pulak, kenaikkan ni more untuk mengubah gaya hidup masyarakat Malaysia yang terlalu bergantung subsidi petrol atau diesel. selain mengawal gas rumah hijau yang dilepaskan setiap saat, ini juga dapat membantu negara dalam masalah pemanasan global yang kita rasai skang. walaupun x teruk tapi pada masa akan datang kita tidak tau.

Aku cadangkan kerajaan mewajibkan semua stesen petronas ada memberkalkan NGV. sbb 55 Litre Padu NGV bersamaan dgn RM8 dan boleh jalan lebih dari 160km dengan purata Kelajuan 100km sejam.

Minyak Naik.. Barang keperluan pasti akan naik.. jadi kita tunggula apa langkah2 Pak Lah nak kawal harga brg2 naik ni….

mohfir’s last blog post..Bila Minyak Naik… Huru Hara Rakyat Malaysia…

minus the sarcasm,i actually think the points are use-able,if you seriously think about it lah.the wheels have pretty much started to spin (out of control?) so whether we like it or not,stop complaining and get with the program right?

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