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The Futsal Injury

I hate futsal! But I play it anyway.

The Futsal Injury 1

Every single time I played, this is what happen, broken toe nail. It was a direct result of going too fast and changing direction in an instant. I keep forgetting I’m 74 kg! (was 64 kg 7 months ago). Weight shifting requires lots of energy and exerts physical capability. *Repeat After Me: You’re not young anymore!*

I didn’t go through proper surgery as I did it myself. Just a nail clipper, a chain saw, a lighter, a spanner and 3 types of kitchen knifes. Except the first, the rest are just gimmicks. It was pretty hard to pull out the whole chunk, the skin was still attached to the nail. By applying minimal constant force, I did it. Patience was the key factor.

Since my toe is pretty much exposed, it feels like naked and funny.

I guess it’ll be months until I get to play again. Oh well.

ps: Will tell you about my first golf tournament in the next post 😉

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13 replies on “The Futsal Injury”

o_0 teringat waktu terjadi kes yang sama kt ibu jari kaki ak waktu zaman skola dulu.. gara2 terlanggar batu waktu naik beskal, tetiba jer kuku ibu jari tuh leh longgar semacam pastu tercabut?! cuak nak p klinik sebab waktu ayah terkena dulu, sampai kene inject 6 kali kt ibu jari tuh! cuak siot!


Well I had lost that same nail several times. Funnily, never once I lost the right toe-nail. Its always the left one.

Looking at the picture, its your left foot too, kan?

had the same exact prob b4 the mcoba futsal tourney, still played anyway. painful, yes; but nothing beats the joy of futsal.

futsal is the younger generation’s golf (as stated in the tourney’s goodies).

Indeed. The first time I had it, caused by the 8 Puma King, where my feet needed a 9.

And the repetition goes on until today, mainly caused by a huge braking force on the toes while playing. More kilograms, more momentum, thus higher braking force.

I need the gym. Badly.

ouchh, sakit siot! aku yang tengok ni pun seram sejuk.

stakat ni kalau main futsal, kuku aku masih selamat. cuma patah2 sket kat bahagian depan tu je la ;D

This happens to my futsal friends a lot! But from all the time I played futsal, this never happened to me, but instead repetitive knee injury, now probably permanent and I can’t play futsal anymore.. I miss playing futsal 🙁

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