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The First Training – U15 Rugby 2008

hell on earth


I just got back from Kuala Kangsar after our first training session. On the way back, I can’t help to contain overwhelmed excitement within. Being a coach is something new for me. 8 years ago, I never imagined that I would come back and taunt these boys.

Preet, preet, preeeeeet! Follow my whistle! Again, preet, preeet, preet, preet. You in white, lower your ass. Come on guys, don’t do it half heartedly.

Yup, that’s me throughout the training. Since they failed to do 10 push ups properly, I keep adding repetitions until they look neat to me. Back in my days, 50 push ups (or sit ups) is almost nothing. Whining is inevitable amongst the boys, which is bad. Rugby is do-or-die game, if you can’t keep up, you better quit.

I can’t help but to smile at some of their whiny remarks. I’ll share some with you.

“alaa bole la coach tiup whistle, die tak buat pon.”
“ok takpe, aku follow korang”- so I joined them and did exactly what I instructed them to do (push ups, star jumps, running etc) to prove them, that I stopped training 8 years ago, I could still do it. Now my body hurts like hell. Nyesal..

“Lenguh tak?”I asked them.
“Lenguhhhhhhhh!” they replied.
“Bagus, sambung lagi…” I said.
“Psst, lain kali cakap la tak lenguh” a whiny boy whispered to his team mates. (Even if he said that, I will tell them same thing, “sambung lagi”, it’s a double edge sword!)

“We will do a perfect 20 push ups, follow my whistle”, I went down with them as well
“Preet, preet, preet preet preet, preeeet”, I blew my whistle.
“Dah lebih 20 dah ni, coach tak kire ke?”, said whispered Boy A
“I said a perfect 20,” I reminded them again.
“Mcm ni lunyai la aku,” replied Boy A

“Let’s do *Makanan Harian, go line up,” I told them. *it’s a VERY-VERY intense running.
“aaaahhh… abes longgarlah lutut aku,” said Boy B.

There’s plenty more whiny remarks but the above mentioned tickles me most. Let’s do some comparison, during my F3 and their training regime:

  1. Push up. 50 vs 10. My total =1200~2000 push ups daily.
  2. Sit up. 50 vs 10. My total = 1000~1200 daily.
  3. Star jump. 50 vs 10. My total = 300~400 daily.
  4. Lap. 10 laps with 2 piece of BRICKS vs 5 laps.

Am I not kind enough? This is only the start of a season. I will increase slowly, I don’t want to scare them away.

I’m so glad I initiated this project. Although they appear weak now, they will eventually grow stronger in 3 years time. They will put the best show in MCKK’s rugby history. I know they can. I look forward to see them sometime soon.

Boys, well done. *clap-clap*

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17 replies on “The First Training – U15 Rugby 2008”

happy to hear that u were having a gud start in worries bro..take it slow..if u do it with full honesty and faith in those sure u’ll get there..go eddie!
we r proud of you guys..

thanks bal. I wish to report about our findings the soon-to-be-star but I feel like im just exaggerating. it’ll take a few more visits before I can indentify them 😉

we have Ash-like, pondar-like, mache-like, kadak-like, eddie-like, acai-like.. still looking for rudy-like, petet-like kebo-like and the rest of the team. we have many AL-like, persistent and determined, which I really like.

eh bro, kau gi every weekend ke? nak gak join, rindu kuale’s sinful foods lah..bleh amek gamba time x ramai org obw serabut sket..

ed @ coach carter,

bila kau buat bende ni, rase macam bersemangat plak nak coach budak bola pulak. walaupun idea ni boleh dianggap sebagai meniru inisiatif kau, dan jugak, bola sepak takde event grand macam mc-vc, tapi, kenapa tidak footballer buat perkara yang sama.

kot kot nak menebus kehampaan piala premier yang tak dimenangi. state ke? district ke?


not every weekend. the website for LaPassion project is not up yet. So I cant confirm with you when is my next visit to kuala kangso. probably in 2 weeks time on friday la kot.

ed @ coach carter

aku cuma terpikir, macam mana kau approach kolet untuk dapatkan tender untuk coach bebudak ni? adakah dengan semudah
-cikgu, saya nak ajar budak budak ni ragbi-
-saya nak menang dengan vaji 2010, itu janji saya-
kau ade kenal sesiapa yang membenarkan kau melatih budak2 form 3 tu?

sebab aku tertarik unuk buat yang sama pada budak bola (walaupun kau nak curi)(atau sesiapa yang lain yang berminat), at least aku contribute samting. mungkin tak se grand mc-vc, tapi at least, ada sesuatu yang boleh dibanggakan.


firstly its meeting the boys. you have to know the team first. but considering bola, I dont really know whats the basic drills. I do think the koleq/t drills isnt right.

I have yet to approach the teachers, but we’re working out on the letter already. MCOBA, ive informed Megat Najmuddin (prez mcoba) about our plan. He is EXCITED of our effort and will find ways to support/endorse our project.

Medea 1 thing you have to be clear headed, you will sacrifice your youth to train these boys. What about marriage work etc?

If you want to start, we can dubbed as one of the LaPassion projects. We really need to be active.

bende ni boleh gerak kalau ada support yang betul. mental, fizikal etc.

cuma aku terfikir, takde budak bola yang berminat ke?

kalau tengok dari segi sacrifice, memang banyak, tapi, apa yang aku bagi, aku akan dapat balik, so fair la….

kalau kau plan balik kuale, bagitau aku sama. aku nak tengok ‘rumah’ aku gak. then, aku boleh pikirkan sesuatu.

but, not this weekend. aku nak gi kuantan. setelkan keje…

thanx for the idea bro!

eh jap, why is it called LaPassion eh? sorry la if the story behind it is already on, company gua block la..dammit.

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