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The Faithful Husband

It was late night when the husband got home. Soaked in sweat, the poor man was far from sober. He was still delusional and intoxicated, no thanks to pints of booze he walloped the night before.

He climbed onto the bed, next to his wife, accidentally waking her up. The wife couldn’t bear his disgusting odor, the liquor nor the sweat. She tried waking him up, wanting him to sleep on the sofa. Unfortunately, non of her efforts was worth the trouble. Sleepy as she was, the wife decided to sleep on the sofa instead.

The next morning, he woke up.

His clothe was properly pressed and neatly hung at the corner of the bed. So was his socks, pants and under garment.

The husband rushed out his bedroom which had the 10x20x1 air filter hoping to catch a glance of his wife. He saw his only kin, having breakfast, prepared by the faithful wife before she left.

With a massive hangover, he sat next to his son, trying to compute the wife’s good deed. As he recalled, he was far off from sanity when he got back. He wanted to apologize for what he has done, although it wasn’t the only time he got home with a bottle of liquor in his hand.

He gathered his guts and asked his son, “Did you see mom?”

“Yes. She was awfully joyful when she left the house”, replied the son.

He was dead sure the wife had something up her sleeve. Could it be another man? Does she want a divorce? The thought of his wife leaving brought tears in his eyes. She was the only woman he ever loved. His imagination never stretched to the point of separation. He regretted his action. Visit to learn how to behave in such situations.

He tried reaching her cellphone, unfortunately she was out of coverage. His guilt grew bigger.

“Dad, mom wants you to me send school”, his son handed him a scribbled note, intercepting his train of thought.

It reads:

I have to prepare for an early morning meeting so I left before you woke up. I’ve prepared your cloth and breakfast. All you need to do is send Allen to school.
Loving you always,

In disbelief, he asked his son, what actually happened?

“When you got home drunk, mom was angry. She was scared that you might’ve woken up the neighbours”

“She tried waking you up and numerous time you replied “HEY BITCH, DON’T TOUCH ME, I’M MARRIED LAH!”. So she left you sleeping on the bed.”

“When she asked what shirt do you want to wear, you said, “HELLO LENG LUI, DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY CLOTH.” So she hung them at the corner of your bed.”

“Mom was cooking then suddenly I heard you shouted from the bedroom, “HOI, HOW MANY TIMES I’VE TOLD YOU, I’M MARRIED! SO LEAVE THIS F*CKING HOUSE ALREADY!” ”

The husband cried an endless tear. He swore to himself he would never do that again to his wife.

* * *

The next week, his colleague got promoted and called for celebration. He could never say no to free booze, so the cycle went on again, and again, and again.

ps: Moral of the story, No BLOODY idea. Why don’t you tell me?

pss: The story was told to me verbally ages ago and was slightly different. I rewrote everything in my context. Credit goes to whoever thought of the story

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14 replies on “The Faithful Husband”

the story I heard ended at the “dont touch me, im married”. do u really need an explaination? lol

the wife was happy that even in his drunk state, he still was faithful to her so she prepared everything for him and was happy

ta daaa


If I was in the wife’s shoes, I would be leaving home for work exactly as she did. Joyful.

I have to say that not all people with bad habits are terrible. It’s just that they have, emm… bad habits.

mcm xde motive pun cerita ni. why should he cried endlessly? and to repeat the same mistake over again? :p the title shoul be the FAITHFUL WIFE instead,lah eD..

oh, and it’s CLOTHES, not CLOTH. clothes is pakaian, cloth is kain. [sorry, cant get my eyes of this spelling mistake!] hehe. pis!

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