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The Fact Is, I Envy You

Guest Blogger: Mindful Trinket.

I went to see her the other day. It felt awkward; it’s my first time meeting her. I must tell you, I was excited but dumbfounded at the same time. She wasn’t as I expected – frail but serene. Only god knows there were butterflies in my stomach at that time.

We easily got acquainted. I told her my name and her reply was just a smile. I figured she went by Ying Ying from her friends.

I bent down to her ears and told her about making an origami bird together. She just nodded and shrilled with laughter. Her laughter was the only way I knew she understood me – that was all I needed; a sign. So I took a piece of purple sheet and started folding. I gave another sheet to Ying Ying so she could make one herself. She just looked at me with dissapointment – only then I saw her hands were too frail to make a bird herself.

“We would be making only one bird, our bird,” I said. I kept on folding my sheet of paper, guiding her stiff hands simultaneously on each foldings.

Her eyes were struggling to keep a focus our origami bird. She tried to concentrate nonetheless. Later, the foldings became more intricate and increasingly difficult for her stiff arms and hands.

So I told her, “I’ll help you finish our bird.”

Her eyes were filled with excitement. At the same time, I was speaking to her like a long lost friend paused by her shrills of laughter – music to my ears.

When our bird was finished, she gave me the most beautiful laughter of all. The bird flew freely and she couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. Delirium.

Later, struggling with her hands, she caught and gripped my right hand. For her, I knew that simple task was a mammoth one.

That moment felt like the longest pause in my life. Crystal beads were forming in my eyes as I looked at her. I knew I was now her friend. Too, were her eyes saying she didn’t want me to leave her. My heart felt a thousand daggers piercing into it.

From afar, I saw an approving smile from her mother who was watching us all the while.

Dear Ying Ying,

If one day, you could ever read this I must tell you I am honored to be your friend. You accepted me, a stranger with so many flaws, with open arms, with no reservations.

I came to you to teach you origami and perhaps a few other things. Unfortunately, I was mistaken.

Truth is I look up to you.

You thought me the true meaning of life – to make do with what we have and be content with who we are. I admire your spirit, strong despite a frail physique embodying it. I adore your smile, flowing easily with no sense of loosing anything. I heart your heart, so pure and accepting what life has to offer you.

You are my teacher and I am your student. Worlds apart we may be, but know this, you the missing piece in my life I was looking for.

I’ll miss you everyday till we meet again.

The Trinketeer.

ps: In case you haven’t figured out, Ying Ying is spastic. She’s 23 years old.

– scribbled on 11 June 2008

ps: Not much of Guest Blogger, but I really like this post.

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Truth is I look up to you.

You thought me the true meaning of life – to make do with what we have and be content with who we are.

aaa you taught?

It’s sad that normal, healthy people like us could not even learn to appreciate life when others, who are physically or sometimes mentally less capable as compared to us, fared better than us when it comes to embracing life with arms wide open. They don’t pass judgements by first impressions, nor do they see people with coloured glasses.

And we don’t appreciate things we get all the time – we take them for granted. I remember for the first month when my househelper was with us, she cried every meal time. I got curious and asked her why, and it turned out that she didn’t even have the luxury of having meat in her hometown while we feast on them in every single meal. And she said that over in her homecountry, they don’t sleep on mattresses but on cold, hard wooden floor that is infested with termintes and bugs. They have leaky roof, no water supply, no proper sanitation… 😥

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