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The Expensive Italian Under Garment

This post is for adults or anyone who gets wedgies.

Recently I bought this Italian under wear. It was 50% off, plus I needed a few new pairs. But the problem with undies is you can’t go to the fitting room and try it on beforehand.

Because it was a steal (not a bargain), I bought it with an eye closed.

A few weeks gone by, it has been a few rotations already. But still I get wedgies. In fact, the only undies that gives me wedgies is the Italian one. Getting up from the chair, wedgie. Sitting down, wedgie. Ruku’, I get wedgie. Walk fast, wedgie. Move sideways, wedgie. Swinging a golf club, wedgie. Too much wedgies!

I have a feeling that Italian loves wedgies.

Speaking of undies, there’s one particular brand that I used to wear when I was in boarding school. Because I was irresponsible and kept losing it, I bought the cheapest on the line, RM10 for 3. It goes by the name of “Teko”.

Now, do me a favour, say “Teko” ten times as quickly as you can.

ps: What a cool name for underwear 😛

pss: A wedgie occurs when a person’s underwear or other garments are wedged between the buttocks wikipedia

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34 replies on “The Expensive Italian Under Garment”

I swear I laughed so hard at this entry. And even harder when you asked me to repeat “Teko” many times. It took me around 15 seconds to get it – I know I’m slow, but once I got the joke I was so cracked up I couldn’t even breathe properly xD

should try trunk instead kalau dh suke nk sedut.nk wat camne..baik comando je all the way..hehe

beb… RENOMA beb… hahah feelsss so aahhh~ like someone is always grab, hold and cares your *tuttt*… sorry for that.. but seriesly RENOMA is much confident for me.

Beside RENOMA baru ni patern dia SO SEXYYY.. owh so hottt hoyeaaahh~

California, yeah! Does it ring a bell to you?

I abandoned spentot wearing ages ago. Boxers entitled me freedom of expression, and less parking mishaps. Freedom!

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