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The Ever-Increasing House Price

If you’re like me, middle-low class yet homeless, then dwell on.

It’s quite shocking to see the price of real estate nowadays. Some ‘elite’ places around KL costs 7 figures! When I check with the developer, their target is for foreigners who earns multiple times yet produces so little. Why are we selling houses to foreigners? we buy houses in Cincinnati, OH or in a place akin, and the next thing we do is sell it away promptly. Is this the inevitable 2nd-time colonization by the east?

The Ever-Increasing House Price 1

Taken from MalaysiaKini.

Look at the price (though a bit old), but hey, that’s almost RM500k per house in KL. Would anyone with a household income of 4-5k per month be able to buy these houses? I guess not. Normally, you’d have to fork out 10% deposit, a pretty huge amount of money.

We might find the urge to buy now, or many later in years to come. But by 2030, I doubt our kids can afford anything. Poor babies, living in very stressful life.

My dad told me, his first pay as an engineer back in the 80’s was RM800. Now our engineering fresh grad can fetch up to RM 2,000. The price for a house then was, RM 50k-100k around Bangsar. Today, if you don’t have RM 1 million, don’t even think about owning a high rise around the same area. So simple math, salary increase 3 folds, but property, 10 folds, save for some realtors like Hua Hin Real Estate which still give out a sane price.

What saddens me most is how our developers maximizes their profit by building vertically, 10 – 20 stories high! Imagine every tenant wants to go out to work at rush hour, the traffic starts at the car park. A good idea would be, buy a condo at RM 500k and get a kapcai. Anyway, who am I to question inconsiderate house developers? They’re not in the business of building HOME, they’re building houses for ang mo.

I guess it’s eminent, we (locals) stay outside the ring, while foreigners stay inside.

“Bumi dipijak milik orang.” Padan muke aku, kau dan cucu cicit kite.

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membara meluap2 aku baca post kau ni sbb aku pon bengangggggggggggggggggggggg. walaupun KR beli rumah apartment atau nama glamornya low rise condo kat puchong tp aku ttp rasa stress. aku tension tgk papan iklan kt tepi jalan yg tnjuk rumah besar2 harga juta2 kasi org kaya je beli. Skim rumah pertama jadah tu pn tak guna gakkkkkkkkkkk. stress lah aku dgn developer2 ni. balik kampung jelah beli rumah kat sana.besar banglo bole dapat. haihla nasib..

tanah kt KL bukan milik org msia. mmg babi kan? Kalau aku jadi PM, aku kasi sorg beli 2 rumah je. ni ade org beli sampai 4-5 rumah pastu sewakan. cukup tahun, jual semua. pastu cari lain balik. untung atas angin mcm tu je. sedih sial tgk negara aku mcm ni.

Ape salahnye beli 4-5 rumah pastu sewakan.. pasif income maa and you can pass it on to your kids later on so takdelah derang duduk dlm longkang..hehehe… Plus from what I understand those who do this nowadays usually look out for properties on the secondary market.At least that’s what Asa and his friends are doing. Besides developers are the one hiking up the prices. They say its the rising cost of materials..well I say they’re cashing in on the future value of properties. And also buyer’s willingness to maximise their loans to buy a decent property are also to blame because kalau takde demand takdelah supply.. ye tak?

Wow, that is something! At the moment, minus everything, I dont think i have enough buffered income. Kalau tinggal 500-1k, I dont think it’s enough. Perhaps one day I should attend the seminar.

Tak salah nak beli 2-3-4-5 ke 10 rumah. Salah aku rase bile ade satu je “Nama”. In your case, I think Asa can hold up 2, you 2 and alia another 2. I think six houses is enough right?

You are right about the developers cashing in on the land value. This is the part I dont get most. Simen semua local, tile local, pasir local, harge rumah international (material cost).

But at the rate that it’s going, it looks exactly like the same pattern as the downfall of US property market which lead to many defaulters and the gov had to bail out banks. Jobs lost etc.

The thought saddens me most when areas like e.g. mount kiara was built for foreigners, padahal seberang jalan je dah kawasan setinggan.


Itulah yg mereka katakan NWO (New World Order). Debt Slave merata-rata. Pinjaman (peribadi,perumahan, makin panjang, makin banyak, makin senang dipinjam).

Istana telah bersatu (United Kingdom) dan (kuasanya) berlalu
Digantikan Negeri yang bersatu(United State of America) dan akan berlalu
Digantikan Negara yang bersatu (United Nation of Israel) dan akan berlalu..
InsyaAllah digantikan sistem yang adil yang juga akan berlalu.

Wallahu’lam, sekadar pesan-pesanan kpd yg mahu menerima…

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