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The ER6-F Story

The ER6-F Story 1

Every time I look at you, I long for your touch. The sharp edges of your body, the fumes you left, the snaring sound, the breath-taking experience, the oh-so-good rush , you left quite an impression to this goatee-d boy.

I think about you, I look you up, I even googled you. Yes, I am your fond stalker.

But I can’t have you.

I can’t let you snuggle between me and my lover. I’d hate to make an impossible decision of owning you. I’d have to starve just to keep you by my side. Not now, not at this critical time.

I bet you’ll make me feel alive, pumping adrenaline through my veins, pulling every strain of hair left on my head. You were the one, I’d even lock you up in my room. Too bad, you’ll not be featured in the picture I’m painting.

This is good bye, this is it. I’m officially parting ways with my dream. Bye, for now.

ps: In case you’re wondering, I test drove an ER6-F today and it was awesome.

pss: Kumpul duit, pakcik nak kawen 🙂

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36 replies on “The ER6-F Story”

My first big bike ZZR600 90′ version. Terpaksa jual banyak masalah bila rosak. Spare part mahal sbb ori takder cap ayam. Jual beli cupcai pastu kawin hehe

ni.. dok berangan beli motor ni… lesen REMPIT dah amik ke blom? kalau blom kene daftar kat Sekolah Memandu Adnan Sempit… haha. Dekat jer dengan selekoh umah hang… Register kat aku pon boleh gak :p

Note: Spamming itu best

owh. need to clarify something up pasni. moto tu dah nak sampai dah pun, bulan 7 ni. seyes aku x tau sume tu. thanks for da info. sib baik duit baru bagi half. huhu.

try main zxr 250, not bad kalau nak main cornering. thats a good simulator for a bigger ride.price less than 15K

Beli lepas kahwin je bro.. motor tu tak ke mana.. takut org rumah je yg kemana-mana nnt..

p/s-Go for 750cc and above bro.. am afraid that you’ll feel its ‘too small’ later.. 😉

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