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The Drill Story

Last Friday I went to Great Eastern Mall to buy an industrial grade drill, a Bosch to be precise.

I walked up to a sales boy and asked the models they carry. I am aware that these drills are not cheap, RM400 and above. And Black & Decker just doesn’t cut it to hang mom’s heavy vintage framed mirror.

NoktahHitam: I want one of these. What’s included?
Sales Boy: Oh this one? This one cost RM 459.

Err, I asked what’s in the box. Not the price. So I revisited the question.

Sales Boy: This one is 550 watt.

He’s not answering the question!

NoktahHitam: Look, I just want to know what’s inside the box.
Sales Boy: You get the machine, the handle and the plug.

Duh! If I’m paying for a drill, I should get a drill. What kind of sorry ass answer is that. I gave him a grumpy look and tilted my head to the side.

Sales Boy: Oh sir, one more thing included.
NoktahHitam: Which is?
Sales Boy: The instruction manual.

For a second, I thought of landing a punch on his wide forehead. On second thought, I’ll use nails instead and avoid breaking my index finger.

ps: DIY’ed my own charger and used the Black & Decker instead.

pss: The next time you want to buy a power tool, make sure it’s wired, not chargables one.

By NoktahHitam

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20 replies on “The Drill Story”

now Bosch made in china banyak. So beware sbb kat kotak dia made in german kecuali kau pi beli kat chow kit confirm made in china. Aku tau sbb aku pernah beli, harga sama kualiti untuk 6 bulan je pass tu kena humban dalam tong sampah sbb takleh repair.

ps:nampak sebijik ori susah nak cari cacat celanya, bila pakai baru tau hampeh..

ape punya “kurang bijak” la… maafkan je la bro.. orang baru masuk kerja gak nye tu.. cari nafkah halal.. hehehee….

psstt: dikau duduk mana bro.. great eastern tu jalan kaki je dari rumah akak aku.. hurm.. leh lepak ngeteh..

Hahaha.The final words of the boy really added cherry to the cake…I bet it was his bad Friday aka hari bodoh dia. Till this day I’ll never get a similar kind of treatment as I always shop hardware at this shop which give top notch advice and discounts as well.

I gave him a grumpy look and tilted my head to the side <<< u know what came up my mind mase bace ni? Mr Popeye! LOL

anyhoo, my guy friend told me aritu, drill dkt cni murah. Come, ill buy u a Christmas present one nak? LOL

p/s: cpt2 bodek i cepat! ;p

u amik je kotak tu n trus try drill kepala dia…best gak tu… โžก

budak baru belajar la tu kot…u tlg ambikkan galah utk dia.. ๐Ÿ˜• (dunno what i’m talking about..hehe)

I bet he was just messing with you. I’d do that too if i were a bored salesman. After all, it’s not his shop.. losing customers.. heh, no big deal.

NH: dah makan?
KP: siang tadi.
NH: dah makan?
KP: dekat kedai nasi ayam cik gayah
NH: dah makan?
KP: laa,, dah nama pun kedai nasi ayam, mestila makan nasi ayam..
NH: :vangry:
KP: ๐Ÿ˜†

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