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The Disclaimer

Since many turned into a fat lady singing off key opera about my controversial Belasah Cikgu post, I feel the urge to write a disclaimer before I sharpen my pencil.

  • My word goes to both extremes, good and bad, and eventually balanced out.
  • If you cannot balance it out, you are not reading carefully.
  • If you think I’m evil or pious, you are not reading carefully.
  • If you don’t like my writings, feel free to leave.
  • There’s no need for you to bring me down to your level.
  • You are free to leave comments as you like. However, please be reminded, personal attacks are losers game, thus making you look stupid when you’re actually pretty smart .

So allow me recompose the Belasah Cikgu post, in point forms.

Beating the Student and Ganging up on the Teacher.

  • Both parties were wrong. Teacher and Student, both morally impaired.
  • Blame the Teacher. She initiated the violence when she swung that stack of paper.
  • Blame the Student. She retaliated by ganging up on the teacher. She probably has never come across the word “Anger Management”.
  • Blame the Student. She wrote “gilebabi”. She’s a child and that’s how they express themselves. Similarly, you don’t blame a mad man for flashing their thing, it’s how they express themselves.
  • Teacher should have failed the student or call the parents or send her to the principal office. There’s no need to resort to violence.
  • How can you convince other kids to gang up on the Teacher?ย  Simple, the Teacher is unlikable to begin with.
  • Blame the Parents. Lack of home education, ok, that’s convenient, blame the parents.

Now you can see clearly, who tops the chart. Any more points you’d like to add?

This is my writing pattern. At a glance, you feel like I’m pointing my gun at everyone, but in actual fact I don’t even have a gun. And yet you call me names, slapped my head, insult my intelligence and worst, called me a sinner. As wicked as I can be, I have feelings too.

I guess the world is way too virtuous for a wicked mind like me. Oh well, another one of those days.

ps: I need my sleep!! Over worked la people!

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47 replies on “The Disclaimer”

aku sokong student.mmg cikgu die yg salah.ape sal la pulak cikgu tu nk gune keganasan.bukan patutnya cikgu tu bwk student tu gi pkhem ke principal ke…tak gitu?
andaian yang aku wat.cikgu tu gila pangkat kot.

zaman skang nk ajar budak bukan boleh macam dulu.kau rotan budak skang ni budak tu pelempang kau balik.kaji la cara lain.yang lebih penyayang mungkin?

NH:i think of your way of replying comments ppl made here that spurs more comments.keep up,mate!

i am refraining to think my p.o.v outloud, as it may trigger an off key opera concerto whatsoever, haha, but let me compressed it in a nick.both are at fault.if either side stick into the boundaries of which they are bound into, none of this would happened, and NH might resulting in making a sneaky entry about his other belonging, of which readers would mistaken it with something wicked (but interesting nonetheless)


semua org manusia biasa
xleh lari dr buat salah

thus.. kalau bdak tu rasa dia betul, betul la tu
cikgu tu rasa dia betul, betul la jgak tu

haha apekah significant nya?
.. sumorang betul~

you are right. It’s the teacher’s fault first. cause she initiated the violence. it’s as if she gave the green light to go violent.

hence, the beating.

..and I’m not taking sides.

Aaaaahh. Come to think of it, I remember that I wanted to comment on that post. But I decided otherwise. I thought my comment would be viewed as too heavy because OBVIOUSLY everyone has their own views. I did not agree with you in that post, but I do agree with you in this post.

*If you think of writing something MORE WICKED AND DARK, do you think that you could slip away from ISA with this disclaimer??? Haha.*

you know, after reading wan’s comment tuh.. rasa mcm malas nak baca semua. it’s so lengthy sampai i lost track of his points..

after years of knowing u bro, i can understand why traditionalists like si wan tuh anti ur views. because u r too pragmatic for people like him…

hence why u can’t really get along with traditionalists, u r too wicked for them.. ๐Ÿ˜€

thanks to NH for make things clearer. i hope u understand that i’ve no intention to pressurize u, but i think it’s my responsibilty to ‘tegur’ or discuss if something that i don’t agree.

yea after all, this is ur blog. u’re free to express anything that u want. but u need to add something, blogging is not just about expressing feelings..blogging needs to come with responsibilty. ๐Ÿ˜‰

i will always be ur silent reader after this & if there is any point that i don’t agree with u, i’m free to discuss it with u ๐Ÿ™‚

i’ve nothing against u, but i guess traditionalist don’t discuss things.

so, u’re the ‘modern-ist’ lah? ok so the modern-ist will just stick out with his/her point & just leave later.

i’m discussing with the author politely.
& this topic makes me want to share my thoughts because of
1. my mom is a teacher
2. parents nowadays don’t even respect the how can teachers expect his/her student to respect them
3. i’m not trying to teach the society.i just bagi teguran.

ala eddie, just let it go okay. people who matters know what you really mean. people who don’t get your pov, they simply don’t have the same wavelength. no matter how differently you put it.vice versa for everybody. hahaha

they just did what they did as a fit of temper. and people who lose their temper, lose the argument. enough said. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

You pulling my leg? Hahaha.

Kidd I’ve known you for 12 years (soon 13), I know how you think and how’d you react. That said, I you could turn out something differently, well.. at least I could anticipate.

1. My mom is a guru besar. Once in a while, I drop by to teach Math.
2. Parents don’t respect teachers because they beat their kids, when the parents never laid a finger on them.
3. I am trying to teach people to think, for good or bad, at least think!

What responsibility you speak of? I am here, I don’t throw punches and leave you astray.

There’s a fine line between discuss and insult. The way I see it, your blows are always below the belt. Thus making it hard to talk about the subject matter.

If you disagree, feel free to comment. But please note, do not relate any topics to religion, personal matters and God, other than that, you’re free as a whistle.


Those were the “isi tersirat” from the previous post ๐Ÿ˜€

ISA-ed? Oh my, is Malaysian ruler that bad? What I’m doing here is nothing more than thinking loudly. If that’ll get me busted, then so be it. I’ll make friends with my cell mates ๐Ÿ˜›

ps: Imagine the people who were detained under ISA, they’re all COOL thinkers!

I find that your points were well put out. To an extent that it becomes a suggestive form of writing for both parties (student supporter, and teacher supporter).

Some people just need to smarten up a bit IMO.

A small anecdote if I may; A student in a school near my house shoved a teacher off, threw his exam papers on the floor, and stormed out of the room. Why? The teacher stepped on his foot, on purpose (during exam). Why? Because he was not wearing any socks. Socks aren’t even written as compulsory in the rule book for schools in Malaysia. Try getting that in the press and we probably will have the same scenario.

such a cheap blow. The poor kid is probably crapping and cursing about the paper, and the teacher conveniently stepped on his feet. Dang… that’s like pouring oil on fire.

I mean, if you have to, at least wait until exam’s over.

ps: I wore leather shoes in my secondary school, sock is a must if I dont want to suffer from blisters.

Oh! I want you in the teacher’s shoes, with leather clad outfit, a whip and wearing a thick framed glass.

*Teacher.. I’m naughty, spank me!*

Hahaha. Another mindless fantasy ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

My relatives are teachers, lecturers semua. I even marked exam papers at one stage, helping them. I understand why it can be frustrating teaching and loosing temper once a while.

I have huge respects for teachers. Lack of respect from parents can come from various angle – either the teacher is not able to justify him/herself properly, they think they are smarter than the teacher, they are just plain one sided or in denial.

When I mean huge – I dont even call my teacher names.. even if I did, I avoided it as much as I could. Mengamuk depan cikgu is alien to me.

Long gone were the days where teacher is always right, my friend. Now people think, rationalise more as mentioned by NH. Only that some parents just think they are too smart for others (sad case, I know).

Baik homeschool je.

We can speculate till kingdom comes but I believe the world is never what it seems.

Even there’s an ayat al-Quran says that.. I only wished I remembered which verse. Never believe what you see in an instance.

What a hot topic your previous post seemed to be and how unlucky for me to be unable to read it earlier (no thanks to my unreliable maxis broadband connection) and feed more fuel to the fire. ๐Ÿ˜†

Interesting to note that only a few days ago, my mum (an ex-teacher and ex-lecturer who still keep in touch with the education world) was discussing about young teachers nowadays with my uncle and aunt (both teachers for 20 odd years and still dedicated to teaching, unlike my mum).

They were discussing how the profession is not how it used to be as many new teachers are actually something-else-wannabes (e.g. engineer, IT consultant, marine biologist, astronaut, etc) who otherwise could not get employment (my other aunt is an example) instead of those who really wanted to be teachers (like my mum, aunt and uncle who were discussing this topic).

They noticed that these young new teachers are not as dedicated to the profession as their senior colleagues and always coming up with excuses whenever they were asked to do something extra. Not to mention, many can’t really teach and never bothered learning how to and their method of handling students left much to be desired.

However, this is just a generalised observation and not all new young teachers are bad. It’s just that many of them did not want to be teachers in the first place. Some learn to like the profession but some don’t and that makes a huge difference compared to the veterans, who mostly had wanted to become teachers since they themselves were in school.

Oh, that reminds me of a teacher I had back in my secondary school years. She taught us Malay language. She’s a good teacher in the sense that she teaches very well but she had an attitude problem.

I reached a stage when I couldn’t stand her anymore and sort of told her off (in a nice way, I assure you) and resigned from my post as the president of the PSS together with my secretary and treasurer (that was fun! It was like tunjuk perasaan of the year! ๐Ÿ˜† ) and for another long year, which was my SPM year, I had to endure her threats for me not having her ‘berkat cikgu’ and therefore would fail my exams. I scored A1 and after that she was proudly telling everyone that I was her student and treated me so nicely I wanted to puke.

Oh, and my school was well known for gangsterism (they found knives, metal chains and metal bars during spot checks) so I know how bad students can be too. In fact these students went to the extent of burning the disciplinary room and made us famous nationwide. Not a very good experience when you have to represent the school for quite a number of things. ๐Ÿ˜†

Sorry, NH for the extra long rambling (should’ve done it in my own blog) on something not really related to the post. I tend to digress a lot. ๐Ÿ˜›

you are one of the many bloggers i’ve seen lately that is receiving harsh feedback. interestingly, most of them were anonymous kan. haha.

it’s just that i noticed during my last years of school that young and new teachers nowadays tend to be more fierce and high with ego. unlike veteran or experience teachers who are mostly cool and open-minded.

and why is it that female educators are always being avoided and well-known for their strictness. (i’m not trying to be sexist here, i’m pointing out the reality)

the young female teachers are usually temperamental. But once they know they’re not highly price (tak laku) and fear of becoming 30 year old virgin (andartu) they suddenly became nicer. Take my word for it ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

I still like feedbacks though some appear harsh and can sometimes bother my sleep cycle.

This is not school level dude (I think!).. Mine is more school level.. your English seriously I respect as Master Degree level student or at least as philosopher.. hehe :up:

That’s why I keep coming. To learn new vocab and writing style.. at least you thought me something in your post~~~

Huh? x sangka sampai hot topic yg dulu tuh… anyway, I am agree with nuni about nowadays scenario… teacher who is not a teacher teach student like they know teaching…

Personal attacks are losers’ game, agreed. I have no problem dealing with all sort of comments on my blog, but those that hitting below the belt irk me, and I spare no time to unleash the fury.. ๐Ÿ˜›

That said, this is what blogging about, it’s about opinions, just like assholes, everyone has one. Most of them stink, and no one wants to hear yours. How’s that for my POV on this matter? ๐Ÿ˜€

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