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The Contigency Plan

I was out on a date with ehem (let’s keep it discreet ok). She starts talking about her assignment and how her 1Gb was insufficient to store her work.

She’s actually throwing signal for a quick stop at Lowyat. It was peak hours, we all know how stupid it’d be to crash that place now. So I asked her to dig in my bag and trade with me (4Gb).

Contigency plan

Student Girl: What is this cotton thingy? a hanky?
NoktahHitam: That’s my under garment.
Student Girl: Eeeeeuuuwww.
NoktahHitam: It’s my contingency plan.
Student Girl: In case I turn into Hulk and made you crap your pants?
NoktahHitam: Nope.
Student Girl: Then what is your contingency plan?
NoktahHitam: In case you forgot your tampons or pads.
Imaginable steam released from her head. Right back at ya ๐Ÿ˜ฏ โžก

It’s becoming a worriying habit. Everytime when I’m done with my oval office, I question the cleanliness of my garment. It’s always a good thing to bring spare. Like I said, it’s my contigency plan. Do you have one?

ps: I have heavy flow pads in the trunk. You know, in case.

pss: Business call it contigency, IT call it back up, Engineer calls it redundant. What ever you call it, it’s the same shit.

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31 replies on “The Contigency Plan”

I always have so many things in my handbag that some people were surprised and amused with the lot I have in there.. it’s like a “doraemon’s pocket”.. not to the extend of having undergarments everywhere I go though… only maybe when I’m out for sport activities .. hehehhe

Do you have the stick where you pee on? LoL (surprisingly I do, maybe expired dah pon).

I hate it when my undergarment gets wet. I feel filthy and some people couldnt comprehend that.

Ohh.. I never thought any of this… cause I’m single? Garang eh en NH kita nih.. dan dan kena balik girl tuh.. “in case you forgot your tampons or pads”

Date : a meeting arranged in advance. Go look it up in the dictionary.

Dating doesn’t mean ‘in relationship’ could be fling, could be a date with best female friends etc.

hai ..just drop by.. lets join raya GRS2 @ lana’s house. Diorang suruh info2.. okie!

this sunday night, 8.00pm.

it is a good idea to bring one along for the simple reason after long hrs every body tends to smell a little. i notice the most comfortable and cool guys are those wearing loose comfortable slacks and drawers.

Hurmmm..I don’t get it. Is she your girlfriend? If it’s contingency for your gf then its sweet~I’d get my bf to do the same ๐Ÿ™‚ If it’s for you….I don’t get it โ“

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