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The Conjuring is the Best Western Horror Movie EVER by James Wan

We had the chance to watch The Conjuring last weekend and our verdict is as follows.

The Conjuring is a story directed by James Wan, a Malaysian from Miri who majored film making at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He is no stranger in directing Hollywood blockbusters. Some of the biggest movies he has directed is Saw (co-directed) and Insidious, which I thought was the all time scariest western horror movie, until I watched The Conjuring.


Before we start, let’s see what the word Conjuring means.


1. The performance of tricks that are seemingly magical, typically involving sleight of hand: “a conjuring trick”.

2. Call upon (a spirit or ghost) to appear, by means of a magic ritual : they hoped to conjure up the spirit of their dead friend.

The Conjuring is about a couple who helped families and citizens to solve paranormal activities. In their careers, they have kept one story a secret, that is the Conjuring. What bothers me most is that this story is based on true story, but of course all the sound effect, flying motions, screams, pain inflicted was a seamless exaggeration of the story. Nevertheless it was very well thought and adds heavy impact on the movie.


The story revolves around a family of 7, with 5 daughters, which recently moved to a new home and ends up with exorcism, a typical western horror movie. Whats’ different was how the ghosts appeared in the movie. The sound, the timing and the spook factor was unbelievable. It literally robbed my manhood, I yelled at the top of my lungs when the ghost appeared. It didn’t happen once, it happened thrice! There was a Chinese guys next to me, he was dead calm. I salute his calmness and bravery, he must have balls of steel.


The movie that robbed my manhood

We watched it early in the morning, by the time we got out, it was still mid-day. We decided to watch Wolverine just to re-write the images left in our mind. It was THAT SCARY. If I were to compare between the two, hands down The Conjuring. Wolverine is tad too simple, nearly put me to sleep. All in all, I can’t resist of giving the Conjuring a high score of 8.5/10.

When you’re done visiting your family this Hari Raya, pop in any cinema that plays The Conjuring. And if you don’t like it, come and scold me in my comment box below!


That having said, there’s another movie by James Wan, Insidious Chapter 2, a sequel of Insidious, which was nothing short of awesome. Can’t wait for it to hit the cinema.

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7 replies on “The Conjuring is the Best Western Horror Movie EVER by James Wan”

Speaking about calmness, I always have a big salute for those who calm, no matter in what position or in any condition.

Last Sunday, we went to beraya. My sister was the driver, while I was at the passenger seat. While she was driving, I suddenly sergah her. What reaction did I get in return?

I was once did the same to my brother. He get mad at me and membebel all the way to home.

My sister? Just a plain poker face.

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