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The Art of Exaggeration

Girl: I miss my little sister.
NH: Where is she?
Girl: She went for umrah along with the whole family.
NH: When she gets back, ROGOL her.
Girl: WTF?

I don’t deny that most of us (from my secondary school) exaggerate adjectives and nouns. It makes it more dramatic and appealing. Adding more color to emphasize the sentence. Another classic example,


But then again, some might misinterpret. And by rogol, I mean wrestle. Not stick something in her. I guess it’s only safe to use it among ourselves (among my secondary school mates).

ps: Why do I keep forgetting to write about my badminton racquet?

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Very common, you should here us Melakans speak. Not only exaggerate, we throw in some unique word like hawau, lahanat as the pencuci mulut. Lol

HAHAHAHAHA I find Malaccans very rude. But if you been with them long enough, they’re actually very nice. It’s just their way of getting around people.

My sis in-law is a Malaccan, baik and lemah lembut.

celake sial was a normal phrase during my varsity days in malacca.

“celaka sial ko ,bley dpt ikan tu” practically means you are so damn lucky to catch that fish..or at least that was what i can comprehend with my little experience.

hello eddie..

anyway, a friend of mine uses this ROGOL word to describe penyiksaan yang dihadapi semasa menjawab dengan persoalan dan permintaan bos masa meeting.

the first time we girls listened to him using this word we were speechless until he told us the definition on his p.o.v.

Salam. It’s true that whenever we are close to someone, we tend to loosen the “parental control” in our language.

And it is also true that these words put actions in lame articles like what the author trying to convey. But do we have to use this cheap trick? Are we still stuck in our SPM years? Grow up, guys!

So here I remind you who approve this kind of communication style

Change! It is not OK to cuss or say bad words. Ask your self do you need to say these words? Does it helps? If it does, then you need help.
No wonder the rate of rogol, violence and crime rate is increasing! Because we don’t take the word as a bad thing. Because “..kalau tak kau mati” means nothing.

Bad language is bad language. Today you make jokes with your friends because both of you are in good mood. But what if you say it when your friend is in bad mood? And we don’t have a big banner on opur head telling our friends whether we’re in which mood. Heck, we keep quiet if we’re in bad mood, right?

So please, guys…Lets change Malaysia by changing the nouns in our sentences.

I experienced this first hand during my underground years. Check out

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