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The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review (No Spoilers)

I am a sucker for super heroes movies, I guess most boys are. The new Amazing Spiderman 2 landed on a perfect day, labor day.


We watched ours at MBO Subang Parade. Normally we could just walk in and get good seats, anytime anywhere any movie. That was the beauty of MBO. Since they  changed their logo, website and cinema experience, they start to pull in more traffic. I remember those days it only cost RM 8 for MBO (vs TGV at RM 11), now it’s RM 14 for box office movies. The seats were nice and roomie, but since we had to accomodate Sara, we got the couples seat, RM 30 for a pair.

Spiderman – Andrew Garfield version is a lot better than Tobey Maguire’s version. The effects were nicer, scripts were relevant, the setting and the casting was near perfect. Both Emma and Andrew played their roles really well. There was 2-3 moments that really struck me, I could feel dust in my eyes. Having real life couple on set makes a lot of difference.

There were a few people commented on my Facebook Timeline saying it was boring since a lot of talking involved, personally it stroke the perfect balance between action, comedy, drama and romance. I strangely wanted to see more of drama and romance instead of the actions. I bet the kids wants nothing but actions all the way.

They wanted to portray that even though he is invincible physically, he was emotionally frail. Much like my tagline, “even heroes have the right to weep” and this spidey did just that. The emotional tension and asking himself why do this, should be set as precedence to our daily life. It does echo really well in this movie, especially towards he end.

Everyone is a hero, so let’s act like one.

ps: Sara had her first movie today!

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5 replies on “The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review (No Spoilers)”

I’m a die-hard fan of Spiderman on silver screen since its first series. Never miss it but this time. Why? Because the next day I’m busy in labour room! Hahahahha.. I also heard my friends said it was boring compared to the before 1…

Rasa sebak masa budak tu nak lawan rhinos…last2 spiderman datang..2 kali tgk, 2 kali rasa sebak scene yg sama – adeh

How are you feeling now? I hope you do feel better and the baby is fine.

Well, to some it is boring, more talk than action. Personally is quite romantic. Cuma the fighting scene, susah skit nak tangkap apa terjadi.

Adeh, mmg dalam sanubari abam man mmg hati lembut.

Terharu tgk budak tu nak lawan rhino. Dan sangat kelakar bila spiderman pakai helmet bomba. Teringat mijie plak. Hahaha

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