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The Absence of Friends

I realized I am slowly being sidelined by my friends.

We bore a lovely girl (well, not me of course), but none of my friends came to visit. It saddens me a little. Every now and then I see gathering pictures, I am filled with envy, not because I couldn’t make it, but I didn’t get the invite.

Perhaps I am living in my own world, building my virtual empire. Shit I’m lonely.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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Often times, when my friends’ start a family, I would think they need to spend more time with their family and I don’t want to stress them by asking them out (would seem like an obligation to join) or visiting their little crib (I just don’t know if I’m welcomed).

So I’m sorry if we made you feel that way, I’m sure we meant well. But thanks to you, now I know my friends are probably waiting for me to call or visit them. Going to make some calls soon and schedule some dates 🙂

I agree. When I was still single, I knew I’d be messing with my friends timing. But from time to time, I do keep in touch with them. And include them as many times as I can in my plans.

Call your friends. To them you may mean something, to some, you mean the world. They need support too.

*Thanks for your support!*

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