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Tell Me What You Feel if…

Tell Me What You Feel if... 1

Someone Floods Your Twitter.

Posting or spamming twits for a single minute would not result to higher traffic, prolonging the postings will. It’s ok to SPAM your tweets, but with hashtag? It’s pretty unethical to link spam, especially on hashtag.

By the way, next time, don’t censor if you plan on bashing someone. After all, honesty is the best policy.

ps: <removed>

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I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

32 replies on “Tell Me What You Feel if…”

Sungguh WTF…memalukan #Maxis10 lol

ramai lagi sebenarnya yang suka ping segala jenis selangorblogger, kelantanbloggers etc…spam timeline tak ingat dunia…

haha. die g letak hashtag #maxis10 kat title post sapa suruh. Pastu terus ping selangorblogger, johoreanbloggers, kelantanbloggers etc at a time sapa suruh.

oh nie ker abg hensem yg diperkatakan semlm, kalau dh mcm tu punyer kekerapan memang ler spam namanya wahai cik kak…

*oh yer aku suka bila abg hensem dan kakak cantik pasangan tunangan nie sembang dlm komen…hehe

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