Teaching Sara Trigger Words

Gosh it’s been a while since I updated anything here. Good thing is, I’ve narrowed down my readership, so it does feel a little private. That aside, I’ve already started teaching Sara some trigger words.


Clap – she’d clap and grin ear to ear, showing her chipmunk tooth.

Raise your Hand – she’d only raised it up to her shoulder. Lazy kot?

Salam – she’d shake hand a like a gentleman, no kiss on the hand

Flying Kiss – she’d point to her lower lip and out. No muahs sound.

SARA (stern tone) – she’d throw anything she’s holding. Most of the time, she’s holding a lump of dust or hair.

Sara is 10 months old. She has started taking a few baby steps when she was 9 month old, but having difficulties stabilizing her postures. She’d fall and get up, try again and again. It must be painful. That’s what we (as an adult) should be doing, pick ourselves up after every failures.

Get up and go!

By NoktahHitam

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2 replies on “Teaching Sara Trigger Words”

Hi Ed! Yes, it’s been a while huh? Am also not updating my blog. As my blogger friend said, “Pura-pura tak ingat yang kau ada blog, eh?” 🙂

I think so many things require my attention more than blogging, so dahulukan mana yang perlu, kan? Anyway glad to have you updating about your little princess there. Good to know that she is growing up and alright. Rai nay isek kayak bocah lanang, urong kayak wedok banget. 🙂

You’re right. Priority goes to important stuff. Sadly for me, even the tiniest thing would hinder me from updating my blog.

Well, I wanted to start with something light and joyful, Sara seems to be the best bet

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