Take a Chill Pill

You know, I’m not exactly what you call a ‘cool’ guy. I throw my tantrums when things don’t really go my way. As a repercussion of this, people around me get hurt. Almost all the time.

But lately I’ve been doing some soul searching, and I realized it doesn’t feel soothing to fuel my anger. In fact, it makes it worst. And I could potentially be someone like my father decades ago, someone I had a really hard time conversing with.

Take a chill pill.

Maybe I should just get a Sony XPERIA PLAY from Celcom.

ps: The thought of quiting blogging does occur to me these few days. I need something new in my life. Maybe an ER6N? Yea, after I try negotiating with my boss perhaps.


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  1. been losing the blogging mojo since january 2011.

  2. gamak nye layan bini lagi seronok kot?

  3. beli la sony xperia tu, FOR ME! hahaha

  4. LOL.

    Yeah blogging is soooooo dead. These days people blog for money and traffic. Non really for the thrill of being anon except yourself.

  5. ER6N? saya sokong!!!

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