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Since everyone is practically in weekend mode, I decided to do this tag. I’ve been tagged by Naftalena. (Girl, if you have to tag someone, at least have the decency to inform, Ok I’m being bitchy here).

What were you doing 5 years ago?
I was fishing for my degree in the UK, trying hard to fit in and getting used to the strange weather. Not to mention missing my girlfriend (then) day in, day out.

What were the 5 things on your to do list today?

  • Meeting with client. (Accomplished)
  • Meeting with another client. (Accomplished)
  • Settle my Maxis bill. (Maybank2u is downright confusing, will do tomorrow)
  • Call and sort out my car installment. (I forgot)
  • Wrestle with my youngest brother. (Accomplished)

What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?

  • Not really into junk food but anything would do.
  • Chilled canned coffee. Gotta shake it hard babeyh~
  • the Orangy Vitamin C
  • Pisang Goreng (fried banana)
  • A pack of cigarette nicotine gum

What are 5 things that you would do if you had USD 5 Billion?

  • Donate 1 Billion for fame
  • Donate another Billion for another round of fame
  • Donate 1.5 Billion to cure cancer
  • Spend 500 million on insurance for everyone I know
  • Spend 1 Billion on a 1-page website and blog about it

What are the 5 jobs you’ve had?

  • Box boy at Giant
  • Store assistant at British India
  • Store Supervisor at Sports Planet
  • Project Engineer
  • Web Developer

Tag 5 other Blogger….?

  • Izzy @ IzyanDex – is IzyanDex a brand of spandex?
  • Syam @ Aeropama – dude.. stop playing with your anus blog!
  • BJ @ Balajoe – BJ could spell something else you know LoL
  • Adila @ Adila – Send my regards to your pretty ‘Joey’ *wink*
  • Megat @ Megat – I hope your illness will fade away sone

With that I leave you with my favorite Marie Digby soundtrack @ tape
Marie Digby – Voice on the Radio

ps: Dizzy

pss: No pss today.


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. i’m no 1 write here…

  2. what the hell is “Spend 1 Billion on a 1-page website and blog about it” ? can’t think of anything like that…maybe buy a damn expensive domain name for that 😮 😮

  3. same thing je… plus cam lebih kureng…dr idea asal

  4. ops.. jgn marah.. just saja2.. bila xde apa nak kata… ingat tagged 5 apa tadi..

  5. wah selamba je derma semua eheh. apa kata belanja kengkawan 😀

    erk!? kena tag! fobia tul aku huhu.

  6. NO it isn’t!!!!
    It’s actually…

    ….nah, on second thought, i better not tell. 😐

  7. i baru teringt i ade hutang tag ngn u. halal je lah nh, med school sibuk la (konon2nye)

    i opend the link UK yg u letak tu n i cant help but to have a warm fuzzy feeling inside. u were there. i got to know you n then i get here too. its a small world kan? (or maybe this is just another a big (kmpung melayu) uni)

  8. that’s the uni yg buat notts game yg gempak tu!
    .. err i never pegi for the game pun actually haha
    but notts sungguh2 well known for that xD

    will do this tag soon 😛

  9. you meant msian games, not notts game. notts game dah tentulah kt notts.

    It’s the biggest Malaysian crowd outside Malaysia. It was in the Who Wants to be a Millionaire show.

    Notts game is just like pasar malam. I never really liked crowds.

  10. you probably have a teddy bear inside, hence the fuzzy feeling.

    You wanted to go there because I was there. Such enthusiasm is rare… perasan. hahaha

  11. If you’re not going to tell, then I guess I’ll stick to my end of story.

  12. this year will be diffrent with me as the head officer 😎

  13. dude! i stopped playing with my anus blog.

    still have zillions of tags queuing… aiyaa…

  14. it’s ok if you don’t want to do it. No heart feelings.

  15. “”A pack of cigarette nicotine gum””

    is it true??? i guess its not easy to like the nicotine gum…. :up:

  16. “Maybank2u is downright confusing,”
    web yg baru ni memang quite confusing and quite slow. will take time to used to it. tapi web yg lama still boleh access macam biasa utk sementara waktu.

  17. Kalau dah geek mmg tetap geek la..

  18. “Pisang Goreng (fried banana)” – org melayu tetap melayu.. haha.. aku dah lama x makan pisang goreng..

  19. nice song… yea.. i fell in love with a stranger 😛 😛 😛

  20. I love pisang goreng, and kerepek pisang. :up: :up:

  21. kamu ni lucu la lochoe.. hahaha… 😆

  22. especially yang manis and melekat2 kan bong! wah aku rindu itu kerepek pisang.. 😛

  23. no la, adakah ini lucu atau bodoh?? erm.. entahlah, masing2 berfikir… tgk NH dh marah dh…

  24. mmg bagus sungguh.. derma sumer ke society.. kat uk, bila dpt baru mkn pisang goreng? selalu ada ke?

  25. yg pedas2 tu.. kerepek ubi ek?

    kerepek pisang tu too sweet for my liking. Addictive and diabetic lagi cepat 🙂

  26. aku slalu buat cekodok kt sane. mat salleh dan foreigner lain, suke bebenor.

  27. for fame as in derma tok glamer?

  28. wah.. kalu diorang leh suka.. patut bole wat bisnes nih.. atau mmg buat ada bisnes pisang goreng ke? hehehe

  29. Ohh.. just nak bgtau.. en NH kena tag lah.. mau balas x? Tag Lurve

  30. Geez, for the first time ever, I missed a lot of your posts! This new job is really taking a lot of my time LOL.. I’m not even sure the roots of some posts you posted 🙄 catching up, catching up..

  31. yeah.. I read your post, Quadruple workload ? gile laaa

  32. challenging doh ko nye tag.. aku tules, aku rase mcm berlagak plak..

  33. hehe.. x kisah apa org ckp.. x sumer org ada view yg sama..

  34. hehe. love to read this tag. Sounds qkool. 😉

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