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Find Yourself Sara!



You have loads of cousin around your age. We predict you will be best bud with Hana on your left. So let me set some guidelines for you.

  • As you get older, you will quarrel but I hope it won’t last long.
  • Always share your toys, nobody likes to play with snobbish kids.
  • When you encounter a bully, you can run, but I suggest you stand up when this happens to your friends/family.
  • Be kind to others. No matter what happens, you do not get to be selfish.
  • Acknowledge differences. Understand and take into consideration other’s opinion.
  • Love others. Even when they hate you.

If all else fail, just know it in you, we’ll always have your back and catch your fall.

-Love, Abah

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Our Little Victories

Being new at parenting, victories come in many ways when we cared for you Sara.

Every time we changed your diapers without you pooping on us is a victory.
Every time we didn’t drown you while bathing is a victory.
Every time we pulled out a string of mucus out your nose is a victory.
Every time we managed to put on rompers is a victory.
Every time we put you to sleep is a victory.
Every time we calmed you down from loud cries is a victory.
Every time we burped you is a victory.
Shaving your head clean was a victory.

Our Little Victories 1

Putting mittens and socks on without flipping your finger is a victory.
Every time we swaddled you is a victory.
Every time we do anything to you is a victory. But most importantly,
Everyday we wake up seeing you breathing is our greatest victory.

Our Little Victories 2

Good night little angel. Her full name is Sara, I will explain my next post.

ps: Notice the we, no more me. 🙂