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Proton Perdana Replacement Model

Proton Perdana Replacement ModelProton Perdana Replacement ModelProton Perdana Replacement Model

No details. Just forwarded pictures 😮

I have to say, it does look like Honda Accord.

After so many replacement model, when are we going to see a Hybrid model? What about hydrogen? Proton only thinks about making money, they’re not a passionate car maker.

Look at how they sell their car… parked under bright sunlight or a tree or a row of abandon shop houses. Do you see any Toyota or Honda being sold like that? 😈

If they are passionate about automobile, they won’t be air-drying the car until its sold. Dumbass? I thought so too.

ps: I promised myself that my second car will be an alternative to petrol. Not to save money, but save the planet ➡