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The House Helper Who Swept Under the Rug

Our house has a helper, she comes every week to spring clean the house. From toilets to living room, she’ll clean everything 🙁

I am always disgusted with the term ‘maid’ and the maid who lives at any house to carry out simple house chores. I love my privacy (so does my family). It’s very hard to accept a stranger living under one roof. I am no God to be served 24 hours a day 😮

Last week, the house helper dropped my shaver. It broke into two pieces. I used a masking tape to put them together. I told her to be EXTRA careful with my stuff and never, never clean my work desk no matter how dirty or messy it was :kiss:

Today, I couldn’t find my shaver. I think she threw it away, after all, it looked chummy and faulty (when it actually runs out of battery) 😡

Now I have an excuse to grow a mustache and a goatee. What a bummer ➡

ps: Bernard is the name that always popped out in my head when ever I see someone with beard. Ben + Beard = Bernard

pss: Like Einstein, I am messy (my work area) but I have my own system, so does he 🙄

psss: I think she felt guilty for breaking my shaver. So she ‘swept under the rug’.