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No More Music on NoktahHitam


Sadly guys, there will be no more music (.mp3 files) on Glad to know is doing their job at protecting copyright materials 😯

I wanted to email them back regarding this matter. I don’t provide downloads to any of the music on NoktahHitam (except Marie Digbys‘). Most of them are playbacks. I don’t want to waste my RM 135 and I find talking to them about this is a complete waste of both our time. So what the heck right? Just have to abide to this TOS for a while 😑 server and connection isn’t that good to begin with. The speed compared to Gmail (or other international sites), is a blunder. Over at MesraHosting, things are great. I have TazQirah, mckk9600 and most of my clients there. As part of my ongoing support to new businesses, I tried DataKL. However, I believe this has come to an end between us. This will be NoktahHitams’ first and last year at (Will have to wait until Nov ’08 for new hosting) πŸ˜₯

Note: MesraHosting allows mp3 files, but not as download farms (as far as I know). EternalSolution, Emerge, DataKL, and Exabytes don’t allow copyright materials. Darn πŸ™„

ps: Wish I could play you a song, Tear Drops on My Guitar, unfortunately… ❗

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Marie Digby – Say It Again

Marie Digby

Marie Digby again? Yeah, too lazy to blog. She is TEBABOOOly hot 😯


This time around I’ll let you have her debut single called Say It Again. Lyrics and Download? Click more please πŸ‘Ώ

ps: Tebaboo is the sound when kids play with their toy car, I know, I was one of them.