Serious Matters

Minah Ragut Beaten To Death


WARNING : Brutal Content! Gather your courage before watching
I received many emails from my uncle (most of them being funny). But this one captures my attention most. How rotten and cruel mankind can be!

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Forget about the origin of the video (I don’t know so don’t ask), but look at how she was beaten! A huge crowd took the matters in their own hands. She was beaten to pulp (not literally). And the last part of the scene is somewhat tragic. They dropped a rock on the poor girl’s head. She bled and her blood covered the floor 😯

So what if she steals? Does she deserved to be punished that way? Mother fuckers :vangry:


ps: this entry spoiled my weekend, DAMN 😡

pss: Everyone is subjected to the law, even the PM!

psss: Minah ragut = female snatch thief

pssss: YouTube removed the video, darn  😡

Serious Matters

The Story of Minah Rempit

minah rempit

This is an event that took place 2 3 hours ago (now 3 am).

I was out for a meeting last night. Later I accompanied my friend to Petaling Street for T-shirt hunting. On the way back, we decided to have a small teh tarik session at Suzy’s Corner. Exactly at 12 midnight we parted.

I am known for being notorious on the road, but that wasn’t the case today, I’m driving a Perodua Kelisa. I took my own sweet time, driving leisurely as the junction to my house gets closer and closer until a mat rempit took a dangerous turn. He almost banged my car. I yelled at him :vangry: . Of course, I don’t think he can hear it. Down the road, I saw a girl weeping and howling, I know for sure she’s no ghost, or so I thought.