Serious Matters

Petrol Price Down, Petrol Rebate?

If you haven’t filled up your car at the nearest station, you should. Because you’ll be dancing and shaking your bonbons. The current market price as of 3rd December 2008 is RM 1.90 per liter. Below the initial price of RM 1.92.

However we missed out on the Petrol Rebate which can STILL be collected at your local post office. No one would say no to RM600.

If the government decides to put a brake on this, what’ll happens to the December road tax renewals? Should the government decline their rights to collect the rebate? Oh my, what a tight situation we have here.

Serious Matters

The 12th General Election Results!

This is the happiest day of 2008! Check the GE results, MalaysiaKini and HarianMetro. Why don’t SPR have this feed?

In the evening, I went to a friend’s wedding. The couple were MFEO, (I never wished to use that word!). They were the most beautiful couple I’ve seen! We (about 20 of us) took pictures, pull each others leg and talked about the General Election.

What most of us want is to deny 2/3 of Government. We expected Nurul Izzah, Nik Nazmi, Lo’ Lo’, Jeff Ooi to win and Semi Value, Koh Tsu Koon, OKT, Tengku Adnan, KJ to lose. At least 80% of our hopes came true!

Here’s a little snippet of the 12th General Election gathered from MalaysiaKini

Serious Matters

Tun M’s Invitation, Sunday 9th March

Dr M is scheduled to hold a media conference at his Mines residence at 11 am today (Sunday 9/3). As usual, bloggers are welcomed.

Now let’s see what Tun M has to say. I’m very sure this will further upset Pak Lah after the 2/3 denied vote.

Meanwhile you can visit MalaysiaKini and HarianMetro for 12th General Election results.

ps: I think Tun M wants Pak Lah to resign 😯

pss: Sadly, I have to miss it. I have a wedding to attend 😮