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Maxis10: HTC Desire Z Feel

It’s touted as “Desire”, so let’s see how desirable can it be?

In my hand

Immediately in my hand, it feels heavy. Heavy is good, it’s solid! (About 200 gram.)

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Maxis10: HTC Desire Z Handout

Before I start, I’d like to thank @Maxis for giving me the opportunity to review and Android phone, the HTC Desire Z, and special thanks goes to April Yim and Fiona for handing it to me.

I’ve been toying with Android phone for years but never actually use one on daily basis. So I have no idea what kind of burden will be latched onto a light/business user. All I know is a phone is just a phone, to make call and send text messages. Beyond that, it’ll be something of unnecessity.

I’ll be taking you through my experience as a light mobile phone user. By definition of light, I meant the following;

  1. Make calls no more than 15 per day with an average of 3 minutes per call
  2. Text messages no more than 30 per day (excluding gf)
  3. Browse 3-4 times a week
  4. Social networking, once a day
  5. Never check email through phone
  6. Navigation 2-3 times a week
  7. Charging phone every 2 days
  8. Using phone for wake-up-go-to-work-lazy-dude!
  9. Games, only when bored

So let’s hope by the end of the two weeks review, the HTC Desire Z will be something I can’t live without!

Pick Up at Maxis Tower!

Pick up HTC Desire Z

From left standing, @rodgerMY, @Roslan_Nazri, @joshuatly, @heymijie and @yanmie. Squatting, @noktahhitam(me with a smiley face) and @zzuhry who’s envious of my HTC Desire Z!

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NoktahHitam Gets #Maxis10

The other month, I was bitching to AzmanIshak on how he got a cool HTC HD7 from Maxis to review and I don’t. I witnessed the unboxing and played around before we eventually part our ways.

This month, I got one to review as well! It’s a HTC Desire Z with qwerty keyboard.

NoktahHitam Gets #Maxis10 1

Thank you Maxis!

ps: Can’t wait to get my hands on it.