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Super Indoor Futsal with My Brother


Praaang! (the sound of broken vase)

Brother : Looks like we broke another vase 😐
NoktahHitam : Did you see how it exploded and smashed the floor? 😮
Brother : Err.. No. I’m sure I could save the ball if you used your right foot 😈
NoktahHitam : Yeah, it’s because I can aim with my right, my left is wild ➡
Brother : Left or right, I was just warming up. Let’s have another go ❗
NoktahHitam : Let’s clean up first and play outside :kiss:
Brother : But I’m telling mom, it was your fault 🙄
NoktahHitam : Go ahead, it’s not like mom is going to scold me 😛
Brother : Yeah, you’re my scape goat 🙂

After cleaning, I decided to retire for the evening. It sure was fun to play super-indoor-futsal with all the tight decorations in the living room. Makes me feel like eight. (I have no idea how many vase I broke throughout my super-indoor-futsal carrier, let’s cap 2 for today 😀 )

ps: Mind you, there’s a 14 years of gap between me and my brother

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17 replies on “Super Indoor Futsal with My Brother”

Apsal tak main rugby? Ajar adik ko tu dari kecik lagi main rugby. Baru boleh jadi rugby superstar!

Nanti ko pun akan berbangga ada adik macam tu, yang ko sendiri train.

Kalo pecah pasu pun, berbaloi laa. Nama nya pun main rugby… 😛

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Haha…bunyi pulak Praaang…
Teringat pulak time kecik main bola guna patung beruang dalam rumah…lepas tu…patung beruang tu masuk dalam masak kunyit mak masuk kat dapur…tak nak kena marah menangis la apa lagi…

elvinado’s last blog post..To my Sweetheart…

kuang2.. taktik keji.

Tapi aku rase kalau aku ade anak nanti, confirm aku tak marah. Janji tak berjahit. Kalau jahit pon takpe, mak dorg doctor!

(ntah dapat ke tak dapat tah kawen doctor ni) 😮

gua pun penah main bola dalam umah lu beb…mase tu zaman world cup ’06…lepas kite jumpe akak evaluater kat umah lu, kite bersukan sebentar dalam umah…hahaha…tapi mase tu, umur lu dah 23, gua je yang masih kekal umur 17 tahun ni…muahahaha….

nasib baik tak pecah pasu jugak…

hehehe .. my younger sister and I have 10 years age gap between us … but we don’t play futsal at home :p we play futsal at the futsal court and she always tackle me till I fall whenever she’s on the opposite team hehehe .. and sempat ambil gambar lagi of the broken vase eh.. kewl!

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