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Sumpah Melayu: Dato Onn

Sumpah Melayu: Dato Onn 1

I wonder if these words still stands. Something to ponder huh?

Have a Happy Christmas.

ps: Did you know in UK, they say Happy Christmas instead of Merry Christmas?

pps: Did you also know the celebration of Christmas was to commemorate the birth of Jesus? Kinda like Maulud Nabi and Jesus is our prophet too. So is it HARAM to celebrate it?

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I guess sumpah setia #1 gets misinterpreted by many people and is used to overrule the other promises & wills. After all, sumpah setia is a heavier pledge than promises and wills, no?

And apparently celebrating Christmas is HARAM because it’s syirik to believe that Jesus was born on 25 December and Muslims are not supposed to imitate the lifestyle of a non-Muslim and not supposed to dress like a non-Muslim (I thought dressing i.e. fashion is cultural?) and not supposed to celebrate a non-Muslim celebration and yada yada yada.

I wore a Santa hat to work on Christmas day anyway and wished everyone a happy christmas regardless (yes, i’m aware that in UK, they wish each other happy christmas instead of merry christmas because i tend to use happy too). 😀

p.s: actually there is no recorded date for the birth of jesus a.s,25th of december is the date of a pagan god of egypt,horus

p.s.s:according to bible proof,jesus a.s was born during summer time,as opposed to 25th december which is on winter..(source:from Ahmed Deedat lectures video)

Saying christmas haram is something stupid and unreasonable. Christmas is all about spending time with your family and friends.

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