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Stalker on The Loose

Dear MR. Stalker,

I am not gay. So don’t ask me out again.

Sincerely and Seriously,

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

60 replies on “Stalker on The Loose”

just wondering on which basis they considered u a gay..

so many gays now.. no wonder its hard to find single guys..not only competing with other hot chicks but we have to compete with guys as well!!

sigh :mrgreen:

muehehehe… doser weh tuduh kengkawan macam tuh. ape ape pon.. gasak le depa. janji kite ingat tuhan sudeh.

*lame betoi tak berkomen kat sini. maklum le aku ni bukan pandai omputeh. kalau pendek pendek cenggini bleh ar komen.. haha.

~Kreugerยฎ say hello to NH~

Probably on the fact that I wax my leg, shave every other day and hairstyle.

According to CIA (2007), 103 men : 100 women in Malaysia. Also, men likes hot and sexy girls for gf, not for a wife. So, if you keep up your game, you’d be safe.

I had this nightmare of being plugged from behind by a gay. Mimpi ngeri yang tros melompatkan aku dari tilam empuk..tros tak bley tido smpai subuh. The worst nightmare to date!!

Wait till u have the same encounter…

im sorry for the email. didnt mean to stalk you.


im kidding! it wasnt me. ๐Ÿ˜€ seriouslyyy.

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