SP: XPLAY DJ Edition

The Celcom XPLAY party in Kota Kinabalu was a major success! It was able to attract lots of party-goers as well as excite the local scenes.

SP: XPLAY DJ Edition 1

Next up will be in Kuching, Sarawak on the 19th of November. The event will feature DJ MALIKA, the smokin’ hot DJ from Russia, plus top as well as up-and-coming local DJs, DJ Jee Hoe, and Twilight Actiongirls a.ka. TAG (DJ Xu & DJ Bunga)

SP: XPLAY DJ Edition 2SP: XPLAY DJ Edition 3SP: XPLAY DJ Edition 4

Later of the month, XPLAY will hit the northern region in Penang. The place to be at is Mois Reece on 26th November. For this party, they’re bringing  DJ Noodle, the funky DJ who is also a DMC World Champion, and awesome DJs, including DJ Nicky and DJ Ramsey.

SP: XPLAY DJ Edition 5SP: XPLAY DJ Edition 6SP: XPLAY DJ Edition 7

The party gets better and bigger but entry is still TOTALLY FREE! To get passes for this happening joint, all you have to do is go to & register for your FREE passes!

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