SP: The Cube Mystery Solved!

The past few weeks we saw some guy with a boxy head dancing around the malls. I guess the mystery now is over..

The Cube was launched on 15th September 2011 at the Red Carpet Avenue, Kota Damansara.Don’t look at me, I wasn’t invited either! Haha. The launch was a carnival, with familiar faces like Aizat, Joe Flizzow, Bunkface, Noh (Hujan), Ila Damiaa, Reshmonu and more!

SP: The Cube Mystery Solved! 1

So what is TheCube? The Cube is actually a mobile content portal where you can download ringtones, caller ringtones, wallpapers, games and more. From there you can check out the latest in music, trends and then download into your phone. The Cube unfortunately is only for Celcom users.

For more info you can go to or from mobile.

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