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SP: Seriously, Are We Being Invaded?

SP: Seriously, Are We Being Invaded? 1

I was Googling for an image of hills in Malaysia to incorporate into my slides, until I saw this peculiar image. Seriously, what is this?

I know that we don’t have corn field crops, but instead on paddy field? Damn this is confusing, worst than some illuminati stuff that I’ve been obsessing about for years. I also came across something similar on Youtube.

This is wicked!

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23 replies on “SP: Seriously, Are We Being Invaded?”

its hard to believe sebab i work in design and motion industry. sorry to say, things like this can be created using animation and editing software.

even if it is true, takut ape, mmg kita dh tahu ada makhluk lain dalam dunia ni. huhu.

kat sawah padi kekadang ada tempat ‘berlubuk’ maknanya air nya dalam . Jadi padi tak tumbuh kat situ, tp kalau mcm dalam gambar kau tu tak pasti. Mungkin!

oh demit!
haha. aku terkena rupanya.

this is a new program thats about to come out on TV3.
The sound in the recording is freaking FAKE! haha. recorded in a room lagi tu. siap takde bunyi surrounding! hahahaha.

cecita cecita!

I rasa gambar nombor satu dekat sawah padi tu airlah. Hanya air yang membentuk pemandangan semulajadi. Alam semulajadi kan boleh membentuk macam2. Kadang-kadang awan pun boleh membentuk bermacam bentuk.

Dalam gua pun sama….

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