SP: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Video Review

Just a short review of Galaxy Tab and what I use it for.

My voice sounds soo awww, I think it’s the flu. LOL. Anyway, have a good one. Oh yeah, word of mouth is, Celcom is launching the Galaxy Tab 10.1 this weekend. What a great time especially when bonuses are being thrown around.


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. suara kepit la mak ni….awwww

  2. apa nama aplikasi kedua tue? team viewer?

  3. Thanks for the review and info! But i do noice the screen lags at some scrolling…

  4. I think I opened to many application. Plus the one I’m testing isn’t the official one, it’s more of R&D thingy. The production one should be more responsive.

  5. I’m more interested with your MBA there. Sexy shit!

    And yeah, you sound like a pimp 🙂

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